EVERYONE, I'VE MADE A SECOND LIST WITHOUT ALL THE LITTLE PICKY THINGS, IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AT THAT ONE AND YOU'LL SEE A LESS BITCHY VIEW ON THE GAME. DON'T TAKE THIS ONE SERIOUS, TAKE THE NEW ONE SERIOUS&nbsp So, everyone on this wiki appears to make blogs and pages about why Black Ops sucks. I wanted to do something similar, but I LIKE Black Ops. So here is a hate blog about MW3, and expect the list getting longer over time. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS MY OPINION AND THINGS LIKE THE AK47 NOT BEING USED ANYMORE; I'M NOT SERIOUSLY PISSED BY THAT

  1. Assasin is incredibly overpowered, it protects you from the UAV, AUAV, CUAV, Portable radar, EMP, Thermal Scope and Heartbeat sensor.
  2. The only tier 2 perk that comes close to Assasin is Quickdraw, but if you use steady aim you can just hipfire instead of aiming so you don't need that either.
  3. SOAP, Y U HAZ 2 DIE?!
  4. The MP412 has the firing sound of a USP.
  5. The MP5 is outclassed in every single way by the P90, making it more useless than the Uzi.
  6. They put in all kinds of handguns exept the ones the ingame factions are supposed to use.
  7. With the support package even the biggest noob can get a Juggernaut
  8. The Recon Drone is fucking shit, it takes no skill to get, has more flares than a fucking pavelow and once your tagged you can just as well commit suicide.
  9. Because of the lag compensation I get shot around corners
  10. Because of that same lag compensation I have both no time to react and I get punished for having a 60 mbps and 12 ping internet connection
  11. The PM-9 has no place in the game. Rather than giving rebels a realitively ease to get Mini-Uzi they give them an expensive Japanese near-impossible to obtain fake Uzi. And they still make it shit.
  12. There are French in the game. So what shall we do? Oh, let's remove the only French weapon in the Modern Warfare series and replace it with a fuckin OP Chinese Piece of shit even though there isn't a single Chinese in the entire game
  13. The Type 95 kills faster than the G11, Famas and AK-74u with rapid fire from Black Ops and you can put Rapid fire on it, so it kills even faster
  14. The only shotgun worth using is the Striker
  15. They promised us the MP5k, Vector, RPD, FAMAS and M240. Did we get any of those? WELL OFCOURSE NOT
  16. The AK74u isn't in multiplayer
  17. The L118A looks retarded
  18. Appearantly, in the year 2016 the USP.45 became the new standard issue pistol for the entire NATO
  19. Sandman and Truck died but the Delta Force campaign characters were so boring I couldn't give a fuck.
  20. The tactical insertion is back in FFA, so there are about 3 boosters every game
  21. Kill confirmed had no effect on camping, nobody picks the tags up
  22. Aim at the obective indicators on your screen, they don't dissapear.
  23. Let's compare the UMP45 with the PP90M1, shall we? Higher fire rate? PP90M1. Lower recoil? PP90M1. Mag size? PP90M1. Cleaner irons? PP90M1. Why use the UMP? And no, penetration isn't a good excuse.
  24. The Glock 18 is complete shit
  25. The FMG9 is a Glock in a suitcase, yet it has higher damage, a longer range and a higher fire rate than the G18
  26. Akimbo machine pistols have the same hipfire accuracy as when used solo, making them overpowered as fuck
  27. The Cm901 only has longer effective range as a reason to use it over the G36C and ACR, but once you unlock the AK47 there's no reason to use it anymore as it has even longer range with lower recoil
  28. The AK47 looks awful with all the tactical rails, Colt stock and all the other random useless stuff.
  29. When do the guys from Infinity Ward learn that the Russian army no longer uses the AK47, except in reserve storage?
  30. No FAL
  31. No M9
  32. No real uzi variant, just the Japanese copy
  33. The map design is bland and boring
  34. The main colors in the entire game are yellow and gray, making the game even more bland
  35. Zombies>suvival mode
  36. The Stealth bomber is a support streak even though it's meant for killing people
  37. The remote sentry is weak as shit
  38. Quickscoping is back
  39. The graphics are worse than in Modern Warfare 2 because of the bland colors
  40. They actually made de game in such a way that the M203 is harder to use than the FMG9 akimbo
  41. The dragunov is useless. It only has mobility over the RSASS, AND THAT ISN'T ENOUGH
  42. I have to pay over 50 euros to be able to watch XboxAhoy's videos
  43. Blast shield<Flack Jacket
  44. Vector> PP90M1
  45. No stopping power or juggernaut = everyone uses assasin
  46. LMG's have damage dropoff, combined with the slower ADS time than in Black Ops in a higher paced game means that they are useless without Quickdraw
  47. The RPG can destroy a T-90 in single playes, which it can't in real life, but it can't destroy an AH-6 in one shot
  48. The T-90's can be easily destroyed by the M1 Abrams in single player, yet the T-90 can't destroy an M1 Abrams, even though the T-90 is clearly the superior tank in real life (Yes, it is. Don't try to convince me it isn't)
  49. If I fight in France, I want to be a French soldier using a FAMAS to fight the Russians, defending my beautyful country; If I fight in Germany, I want to be a German, fighting of the Russians of with a G36C to defend the great country that's called Germany. I don't want to be an American all the time, as if France and Germany can't handle anything on their own. Really, Americans always have to be the Heros, and it's getting boring.
  50. I was expecting a full scale war, fighting of the Russians out of America, pushing them back out of Europe, go into Russia and burn the Kremlin to the ground. But instead, we fight about one mission per country and it ends with a peace conference in Hamburg. "When are we going to Moscow?" Well appearantly never.
  51. How did Makarov take control of the Russian Army?
  52. Dunn and Foley were about 1400 times more interesting than Sandman and Truck
  53. The Russians again use P90's. Really infinity ward?
  54. The game is so connection based that you can go 2-12 one game, but after a simple host migration you go 24-5.

More to come

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