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How to make Modern Warfare 2 a better game

1. Restructure the weapons in MW2.

  • Get rid of the Machine Pistols secondary weapons category.
  • Add the PP2000 and TMP to Submachine Guns.
  • Make the M93 Raffica an attachment for the M9 since they're pretty much the same gun. Maybe call it "Raffica mod" or something.
  • Add the G18 to Handguns. Maybe even make the full auto fire rate an attachment like the Raffica.
  • Make the Shotguns a primary weapon category.
  • Make the Riot Shield a secondary weapon.

2. Fix the unbalanced-as-hell killstreaks

  • Kills made by killstreaks do not contribute to the next killstreak.
  • Make the chopper gunner have an overheat feature so that they cannot keep continuously firing.

3. Infinity Ward should continue to support the game. Just because they release a new game shouldn't mean all their support goes to it.

4. Fix the respawn points in game modes such as Headquarters or Demolition.

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