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  • M240 gunner

    OK i downloaded the new DLC for Black ops a week or two ago and ever since then the game has been constantly freezing and it takes several times for the system(ps3) to start the game. like when i try to join a online zombie map it freezes when it says "searching for host" and also it takes about 3 minutes for ascension to load AFTER i hit x to skip the intro song thing. anyone else had this happen to them, anyone know if they will fix it?????


    M240 Gunner

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  • M240 gunner


    October 30, 2010 by M240 gunner

    Ok i need your help guys, this thing is bugging the crap out of me.

    does anyone know how to do the thing where you kind of zoom in on your gun when your reloading, im dying to know how to do it. thank you for your assistance.

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  • M240 gunner

    black ops reznov

    August 9, 2010 by M240 gunner

    I've been thinking about this Reznov thing how he is in black ops. i went and read his page on this website and i noticed how it said he might've had a change of sides against the USSR. i think otherwise, i think the big twist in this game is reznov being a double agent and you end up having to fight him. Just think back to World at War, reznov would never turn against the USSR

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  • M240 gunner

    M9 headshot error

    August 9, 2010 by M240 gunner

    i was playing online for mw2 on ps3 and when i went to the barracks to look at my M9 i noticed the headshot part was locked. (it was grayed out like i hadn't unlocked it yet. but then when i unlocked the Desert Eagle i unlocked the headshot barracks for M9s.

    anyone know why?

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  • M240 gunner

    I went and played through the campaign again on Modern Warfare 2 and I noticed a couple things they could've put in multiplayer as killstreaks. They are...

    11 kills- Operate a Mini-gun on a Black Hawk Helicopter (like on the end of Of Thier Own Accord)

    15 kills- A Stryker APC will come and drive around the Vicinity of the map and the player can use the laser designater for the striker. now the only problem I see with this killstreak is maps like Highrise and Skidrow, where there is no road to drive on.

    7 kills- MLRS barrage ( MLRS is Multiple Launcher Rocket System) I think it the Barrage seen on Exodus.

    10 kills- This is not seen in the game at all but I think it would be a great thing to have. Call in a Warthog A-10 to spray the selected are…

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