I think the Modern Warfare series has everything a movie needs...

just think about it. Modern warfare 1 has a great story line characters and prologue theme to leave everyone waiting for modern warfare 2.

but then with modern warfare 2 you would split it into two seperate movies. the end of the 2nd movie ( the 1st being modern warfare 1) would be where Rameriz, Foley, and Dunn get shot down in the black hawk on Of their own accord, and then when Price ends up getting rescued at the gulag. the 3rd would be the best out of all 3 kinda like the lord of the rings series is. in the 3rd one you have shepard showing himself to be a traitor and ghost and roach being killed, and then the hunt down for shepard.

The only problem i think the trilogy movie would have is the ending, either it would have to be altered or go on with modern warfare 3 but that would turn it into some mini-series type movie.

Well what do you guys think.

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