Xbox360: clearly the better gaming console

-plenty of amazing games with online that isn't dead

-Xbox Live Arcade: cheap, fun arcade games with online play and achievements

-achievements and gamerscore (PS3 has trophies but just nowhere near as satisfying) (Plus no need to do annoying math)

-largest online community

-better graphic capabilities (you can look it up, PS3 has a better processor, but 360 definitely has better graphics)

-better controller

-External Hard Drive, for easier access

PS3: clearly the better entertainment console

-HD movies with the bluray capabilities (bluray causes long load times on video games) -Internet browser carried from PSP -soon to have Move (360 gets Kinect, which i think is a lot cooler, but thats my opinion)

-Sound. Better sound on the PS3

-Much, MUCH stronger CPU.

-No Backwards compatibility

-Blu-Ray discs that can hold much larger and longer games.

-PS3 Exclusives are much better than xbox exclusives on a.....technological sense. Not many people understand how the PS3's CPU works. It can handle Graphics AND game data processing. BUT, Games that were made for both platforms, IE CoD, and Assassin's Creed, the Xbox out ranks the PS3

No need for arguments people


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