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MC Escher February 22, 2010 User blog:MC Escher

Some of you may know me, and what my job is. Most of you do not.

My job is to trade arms between America and Russia.

I recently got a call stating I am to deliver various Axes and Swords to several villages across Siberia.

I will be taking a trip from New York State, up to the Canadian Border, across Canada all the way to Alaska, where I own a docked boat. I will use that boat to chain hop across the Alaskan Island chain, and eventually, reach Russia, and hope the deal goes smooth. If I'm lucky, I can make 22,000$ from this trip. I will still have my computer, and still be able to comment in blogs and such, but for those of you that are my friends on xbl, I won't be online for 16 days. Good Bye, my friends, I set sail on Tuesday

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