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    For a similar weapon, see StG-44.


    The Mkb. 42 (H) is featured in Call of Duty: Battlegrounds. Its appearance is similar to that of the StG-44 because the StG-44 was a development of the Mkb. 42 (H). The only difference between the StG and the Mkb is that the Mkb has a visible gas chamber and the StG doesn't. Other than that the two weapons are extremely similar.

    The Mkb. 42 (H) can be found in most Russian, American and British campaign levels and is found with multiple attachments. The most common attachments are Suppressor, Extended Mags, Extended Barrel and Grenade Launcher. Most of them are found with Artic camoflauge, however some can be found with Woodland camoflauge on later missions. It is one of the most powerful rifles in the campai…

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    This blog contains ideas only made by me, V, or JerryWiffleWaffle. Everything else will not be acknoledged unless something does not contain anything in these ideas.

    Sonic Soda is based off of the Sonic Boom Perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Like in Modern Warfare it increases explosive damage by 40% and allow players to carry 2 more grenades for a total of 6 grenades. This perk is advised to bought by all players that are attacked by huge swarms. However, it will make it harder to make a crawler. It will be very effective on Demolisher zombie as they are really strong. The drink tastes likes Diet Coke with added sugar. The perk's main colors are red, white and yellow. The perk costs 2750 points, which is a little more than Juggerno…

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