Mkb. 42 (H)

Mkb. 42 H
Mkb. 42(H)
Damage 120-65 (SP), 60-45 (MP)
Damage Multipliers Head: 2.5, Chest: 1.5, Limbs: 1 (SP)

Head: 1.8, Chest: 1, Limbs: 0.5 (MP)

Magazine Size 30 rounds (45 w/ Extended Mags)
Unlocked Level 35
Maximum Ammunition 660 rounds (SP), 300 rounds (MP)
Reload Time 2.2 s loaded, 2.6 s unloaded
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
Range (explanation) 1052-2300 m (SP), 1500-2000 m (MP Unsuppressed), 1000-1900 m (MP and SP Suppressed)
Recoil Low
Penetration High
Fire Mode Automatic/ Semi-Automatic(only with Select-Fire)
Used by German Military
Console codename(s) mkb42h

For a similar weapon, see StG-44.

"Automatic assault carbine with high damage and low recoil. Efective at medium to long range."
— Create-A-Class 3.0 weapon description

The Mkb. 42 (H) is featured in Call of Duty: Battlegrounds. Its appearance is similar to that of the StG-44 because the StG-44 was a development of the Mkb. 42 (H). The only difference between the StG and the Mkb is that the Mkb has a visible gas chamber and the StG doesn't. Other than that the two weapons are extremely similar.


The Mkb. 42 (H) can be found in most Russian, American and British campaign levels and is found with multiple attachments. The most common attachments are Suppressor, Extended Mags, Extended Barrel and Grenade Launcher. Most of them are found with Artic camoflauge, however some can be found with Woodland camoflauge on later missions. It is one of the most powerful rifles in the campaign, it is capable of gibbing enemies and easily penetrated thick wood, stone and semi-thick metal. They are most abundent on the level, "Reich in Ashes" where their is a whole armory full of them along with MG-42s, StG-44s, Gewehr 43s and 41s and more.


The Mkb. 42 (H) is unlocked at level 35 and is the tenth rifle unlocked. The Mkb. 42 (H) has a 30 round magazine (45 with Extended Mags), low recoil, high damge, killing an enemy player in 2 shots in core modes and is effective at any range. The Mkb. 42 (H) with Stopping Power and Hardened is extremely effective unless the enemy. The best attachment for this weapon is a suppressor as it has a very distinct, high pitched firing sound.

Mkb. 42 (W)

Mkb. 42 W
Mkb. 42 (W)
Damage 60-45 (MP)
Damage Multipliers Head: 2, Chest: 1.2, Limbs: 0.9
Magazine Size 30 rounds (45 w/ Extended Mags)
Unlocked Level 50 (only availible from the store)
Cost (Black Ops) CoD Points logo BO2500 Points
Cost (Zombies) 950, 2500 (Off the wall)
Maximum Ammunition 660 rounds (SP), 300 rounds (MP and Zombie Mode)
Reload Time 2.4 seconds loaded, 3.9 seconds empty
Rate of Fire 700 RPM
Range (explanation) 1500-2300 m (Unsuppressed), 1300-2150 m (Suppressed)
Recoil Medium
Penetration Medium
Fire Mode Automatic
Used by Waffen-SS
Console codename(s) mkb42w

For a similar weapon, see Mkb. 42 (H) above or StG-44.