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  • MMfan54321

    Kino Der Toten Strategy (remade and fixed) Hey guys, XD

    R1: The second you spawn grab an M14 from the wall, let zombies in and fill em with 3 colt rounds then knife, once you've rebuilt the 4 boards and killed all of the zombies, you should have at least 1000 points.

    R2: now shoot with 7 shots + knife until your out of ammo, when u have only got your m14 shoot once, then knife (because one m14 shot is equal damage to a knife and knifing twice can cause early downs. (Don't forget to hit your barrier-point-cap every round until 8!)

    R3-4 use ur m14 and slowly train them around, if u get a max ammo, use ur pistol, and don't stop movin till they're all dead

    ( you will need to buy m14 ammo now) R5 (if dogs): camp at the top of the staircase nex…

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  • MMfan54321

    Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy: Hey guys, today will show you my きの strategy...

    R1. Let the zombfags in and knife them, repair either 4 boards (I just repair a full window though) and leave the rest for r2

    R2. If you are a good "sprint-knifer" knife you whole way through the round, repair 2 whole barriers (you'll only get paid for 8 boards)

    R3-4 Buy quick rev and M14 and trail in that room until overrun (Not that on must maps (kino included) that the zombies don't have to stop moving to swing at you) When your at last zombie repair ALL Barriers and sit at the upstairs door.

    (R5 dogs) if the first hellhound round is on round 5 go to the start room stairs and wait for them to get close, then sprint-jump down stairs and make the dogs follow you whi…

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