Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy: Hey guys, today will show you my きの strategy...

R1. Let the zombfags in and knife them, repair either 4 boards (I just repair a full window though) and leave the rest for r2

R2. If you are a good "sprint-knifer" knife you whole way through the round, repair 2 whole barriers (you'll only get paid for 8 boards)

R3-4 Buy quick rev and M14 and trail in that room until overrun (Not that on must maps (kino included) that the zombies don't have to stop moving to swing at you) When your at last zombie repair ALL Barriers and sit at the upstairs door.

(R5 dogs) if the first hellhound round is on round 5 go to the start room stairs and wait for them to get close, then sprint-jump down stairs and make the dogs follow you while you shoot em

R5 Zom's camp at the upstairs door, as they get close open the door and fall back, slowly moving towards the stage as each room is overrun, train on the stage until 1 zombie is left. Then buy jug and save for a spin of the box.

R6-10 keep training (the whole mapif needed) and save for speed cola, while still training on the stage, hopefully you don't get caught up, spin the box for a Xbow and a Thundergun, then PaP(if you go down before r9 you may want to restart

11-20Mule Kick is next priority, (if you don't have the mule kick update then just ignore this and keep repeating r6-10 strat) Open the MPL door and into the alleyway, but don't open the door linking the two together Use kick to get a MP40 or AK74u and PaP it Use traps and weapons to climb into the high rounds

R20-182 train mainly in places with Lightning or fire trap, because the turrets will get weaker, but still cost more. Once you get near the end of 182 move towards the alleyway

183+ you've reached the first instakill round, meaning a full-auto weapon is god reck zombies with an ak74u! (Instakill rounds are rounds where zombies will die after 1 hit. These rounds reoccur every 2-3 rounds) so have fun (If not an insta round use PaP'd thundergun and crossbow, because they are the most useful)

It might not be the best strategy but it's a damn good one to me.... (Credit to TheSpacemarine360 for showing me this strat, getting him to round 219 and reset)

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