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  • M D N S

    So uh, everyone is doing this, and it's almost my third year anniversary, and I don't feel like waiting to do it on the day o it, then forgetting, and coming back and realizing "well shit". So...yeah. I'm gonna talk about stuff. This is going to somewhat be a continuation of my last blog like this.

    I was friends with an old user on here, by the name of Frohman. I had known him on xbox live since 2010, and I was very good friends with him. Around September of 2011, I asked about this site he had been mentioning, which was uh, y'know, this wiki. So he said I should make an account and come on. I did, on an old account that's now blocked (because I made this one), I never joined chat though, just went on other wikis. I forgot my password one d…

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  • M D N S

    Once upon a time

    September 29, 2014 by M D N S

    this is the story of avatar the last airbender and how it became a philososphy upon many civilizations throughout history:

    once upon a time there was a mystery man named avatar and he was quite the man. he scaled cities with his forehead and jumped across worlds with his typhoons of air. he had lovely children that didnd't exist due to global warming, so he had to postpone the foreclosure of his childhood. he now lives in panama with his uncle soen and his aunt rafaiel...

    ...or so we thought. it turns out avatar was actually a robot sent to earth in the year 40, and has been spying on the world with his everlasting loving eyes of glory. he looks and the man looks up, and says to thee: "i do" and then the apaocalypse.

    granted the ability of av…

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  • M D N S

    Hi all! Madness here, bringing you this week's news, Call of Duty and world! This week was a regular one.

    • The Black Ops Games were on sale on Steam for 50% off on the 13th.
    • There are new personalization packs coming to Black Ops soon!

    • User Recon Unit-52 let his opinion on Buried out on a blog! Go check it out to see.
    • There are some forums in the War Room that need discussion!

    On a side note, I was going to have a blog asking the community what video games they grew up with, but then I realized I could just ask that in the weekly news! So, what are your favorite childhood games? Mine personally were Sonic 2, Diablo II, Half Life and Age of Empires II.

    That's it for this week, sorry this week was kind of empty. There will be more news soon! Madnes…

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  • M D N S

    Thank You

    February 13, 2013 by M D N S

    I joined this Wiki in November 2011, invited by a user named Dr. Frohman who I had known for a long time. I wanted to talk to him after he got off Xbox Live, so he said to go on this Wiki's chat. I did, though never hearing of Wikia before. I joined chat every once in a while, though never talking in the Main Chat, only PMing Frohman. One night Frohman introduced me to Aces Creed, and FluttershyOakley. I spent an hour or so discussing music with them, then I went to bed. I kept joining every once in a while. Late February, I finally got to watching MLP:FiM, and became a "brony". I told Frohman, and he told me to tell the Chat, so I did. I panicked a little, and didn't look. He told me it turned out they didn't care. I got a little depresse…

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  • M D N S

    Earlier this morning, Amazon UK revealed details on the Black Ops II DLC "Revolution". Revolution is the first DLC Pack for Black Ops II, it includes four new maps for Mutliplayer, a new Zombie map, and a new Weapon, The Peacemaker, an SMG.

    Details on the Maps and Weapon include:

    • Hydro - A large Map that allows you to use the Dam and Water to your advantage, to block paths and stop enemies.
    • Downhill - A medium sized Map, set in the French Alps, complete with snow, chair lifts, and a strategically placed lodge.
    • Grind - A small skate park Map placed based within California Boardwalk; this map will deliver fast Call of Duty action.
    • Mirage - Set within the Gobi Desert, this Map sets forth sand dunes, used for providing different levels of elevatio…

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