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Earlier today, a video was leaked containing footage of Achievements for Black Ops II. It shows every single Achievement in the game. This video was leaked by the same person who leaked MW3 Survival Mode early.

What do you think of the Achievements? What do the Achievements reveal?

Addendum - The video has now been removed from Vimeo. The list of Achievements are below.

  • Out of Africa- Complete Angola
  • Rained Out - Complete Monsoon
  • Afghan Rodeo - Complete Afghanistan
  • It’s not personal - Complete Nicaragua
  • Waterlogged - Complete Pakistan
  • What Happens in Colossus… - Complete Karma
  • Bushwhacked - Complete Panama
  • Deep Cover - Complete Yamen
  • Just Getting’ Started - Complete 1 Challenge in any level
  • Full Ballot - Complete all challenges in a level
  • GIANT accomplishment - Complete all challenges in game
  • Futurist - Complete future levels in veteran
  • Old Fashioned - Complete Angola, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Panama in Veteran
  • Too Big to Fail - Complete Haiti
  • Carmageddon - Complete LA
  • Pleasure Cruise - Complete Command CTR
  • Singapore Sling - Success in dockside
  • Desert Storm - Success in Afghanistan
  • Defender - Success in drone
  • Smooth Sailing - Success in carrier
  • Art of War - Success in Pakistan
  • Blind Date - Success in Socotra
  • Family Reunion - Story: Alex Mason lives again
  • Hey Good looking - Story: Harper Face Good
  • Back To Future - Use a future weapon in the past
  • High IQ - Collect all Intel
  • Good Karma - Story: Chloe hacks terminal USS Obama
  • Ultimate Sacrifice - Harper survives Yemen
  • Dead or Alive - Story: Mason kills or captures Menendez at the end of the game
  • Ship Shape - Story: USS Obama survives
  • Dirty Business - Story: Link CIA involvement and Krav interrogation
  • Mad Men - Sotry: Farid and Defalco Duel
  • The 99 Percent - Stop the brutality inflicted by PDF
  • Gun Nut - Play a level with customized loadout
  • No Score Left Behind - Min score 10k in every level
  • Misc 1
  • Misc 2
  • Misc 3
  • Misc 4
  • Misc 5
  • I Don’t Think They Exist - In Transit, kill a screecher
  • You Have No Power Over Me - In Transit, defeat the Avogadro without being attacked by it
  • Standard Equipment May Vary - In Transit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game
  • Dance On My Grave - In Transit, acquire your Tombstone
  • Undead Man’s Party Bus - In Transit, Complete all additions to the bus in 1 game
  • The Lights Of Their Eyes - In Transit, Pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP
  • Don’t Fire Until You See - In Transit, have all doors opened without being set on fire
  • Green Run Sidequest - Complete the green run sidequest
  • Fuel Efficient - In Transit, use an alternative mode of transportation
  • Happy Hour - In Transit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power
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