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MW3 Collection 3 Chaos Pack available 9/13 on PS3/PC

M D N S September 5, 2012 User blog:M D N S

Earlier today, Infinity Ward announced that the MW3 Collection 3 Chaos Pack DLC will be released on September 13th for PlayStation 3 and PC.

MW3 Collection 3 Chaos Pack will Include:
  • Face-off Maps: Intersection
  • Face-off Maps: U-Turn
  • Face-off Maps: Vortex
  • Special Ops Mission: Arctic Recon
  • Special Ops Mission: Vertigo
  • Special Ops Mission: Light ‘Em Up
  • Special Ops Mission: Special Delivery
  • Game Mode: Special Ops Chaos Mode
Lastly, Collection 4 Final Assault will be coming to PS3/PC.


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