According to an industry source for Se7ensins, at Neversoft, known for developing Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, there is work going on to develop a new Call of Duty game.

Se7ensins state that their source witnessed much concept art, mission plans, and other items of a conceptual nature while visting the Neversoft offices, and that the concept items appeared to depict a game set in the Modern Warfare timeframe, and Se7ensin's source has these notes:

"It’s another MW game. There’s something called, ‘Drone Survaillance’. They’re working on ‘HALO’ jumps (High Altitude; Low X.) There is a level under ice. There is cloaking tech. Somethin called a ‘Dominator UAV’."
— Se7ensins "Informant"

Industry source claims next Call of Duty in development at Neversoft -
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