I joined this Wiki in November 2011, invited by a user named Dr. Frohman who I had known for a long time. I wanted to talk to him after he got off Xbox Live, so he said to go on this Wiki's chat. I did, though never hearing of Wikia before. I joined chat every once in a while, though never talking in the Main Chat, only PMing Frohman. One night Frohman introduced me to Aces Creed, and FluttershyOakley. I spent an hour or so discussing music with them, then I went to bed. I kept joining every once in a while. Late February, I finally got to watching MLP:FiM, and became a "brony". I told Frohman, and he told me to tell the Chat, so I did. I panicked a little, and didn't look. He told me it turned out they didn't care. I got a little depressed from that, thinking to my self "I knew they'd never talk to me" as the reason I never talked was because I was scared shitless to. March came, and I started talking, more and more, in the main chat.

By April, I had known almost the entire Community, at least Special:Chat-wise. Still didn't know the IRC guys and the Edit-only people. I started going to IRC, meeting many good people. I started editing in early April or so. I got to 1000 edits by Late May, I believe. By then I had Chat Moderator rights, by AugFC giving his to me. Now that I look at that, he should've kept them. Anyways, after that I had kept up editing and chatting 24/7 until July, when I had a burn out. In August I submitted an RfA, and it succeeded.

When September came, I had gotten very busy with school, and barely edited, but maintained being in chat. By October, I had left the Chat, basically. I returned in December though, as I missed everyone dearly, I wasn't busy with school anymore, and my burnout ended.

Anyways, enough about the story. This Wiki is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. It got me out of Depression, it's users opened my mind significantly, and I got into many things I never had before, such as Philosophy, Politics, Computers, and much more. This community is the greatest I have ever seen...people are so friendly, and so kind. Without this wiki I'd be a depressed, lonely, closed minded idiot. And I thank you all, so much.

Here is a list of Users to thank extraordinarily. If I don't count you, don't worry, I just couldn't think of everyone xD:

And everyone else. Thank you, I love you guys. <3