• Mad Miller

    Play this game?

    February 25, 2010 by Mad Miller

    Basically, the story mode starts off with three main stats: Weapon Handling, how good you operate and get weapons, Cash Handling, how much money you get for completing jobs and killing people, Car Handling, increases your skill of driving and the likilyhood of finding an expensive car. You get to pick off with four charachters of your choice.

    "The Captain" Billy Richards-A Captain in the Marines, he was discharged for dealing drugs in Iraq. Has high Weapons Handling, but the rest are low.

    "The Banker" Miller Taylor- A banker in New York city, however once attempted to rob and was shot and imprisoned for ten years. Good cash handling, yet the rest is bad.

    "The King of Speed" Jeff Heart- A championship NASCAR driver. Killed his rival by runnin…

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  • Mad Miller

    Oldest gun

    February 25, 2010 by Mad Miller

    So, I've gotten some juicy info. The Model 1887 was of course made in 1887, and the Webley was made in 1887. What one was first? If there's any gun nuts out there.

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  • Mad Miller

    When the gun was first in devolpment, it was thought of before the Model 1887, but when it came out for official realease, it was younger :(. This weapon is still used today by somewhat poor armies. What gun is this?

    Can someone name the oldest WEAPON featured in Call of Duty?

    All of my sources include wikipedia, please don't blame me if they're wrong.

    AdvancedRookie gets half of the cookie with the Katana as the oldest weapon, now can he get the oldest gun?

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  • Mad Miller

    Favorite quotes?

    February 22, 2010 by Mad Miller

    These go in order from 1-6

    "Cain, was the first man ever to strike down another. And when the lord came to him and said "What have you done?", Cain could not hide his crime. For the voice of his brother's blood cried out from the very ground."

    — Shepherd during the Infamy trailer
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  • Mad Miller

    First Generation: Pong

    Second Generation: Atari 2600 (5200 was crap)

    Third Generation: Nintendo Enertainment System

    Fourth Generation: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    Fifth Generation: Nintendo 64 B

    Sixth Generation: Playstation 2

    Seventh Generation: X Box 360

    Look it up on wikipedia if you're unsure on some of the earlier Generations.

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