Basically, the story mode starts off with three main stats: Weapon Handling, how good you operate and get weapons, Cash Handling, how much money you get for completing jobs and killing people, Car Handling, increases your skill of driving and the likilyhood of finding an expensive car. You get to pick off with four charachters of your choice.

"The Captain" Billy Richards-A Captain in the Marines, he was discharged for dealing drugs in Iraq. Has high Weapons Handling, but the rest are low.

"The Banker" Miller Taylor- A banker in New York city, however once attempted to rob and was shot and imprisoned for ten years. Good cash handling, yet the rest is bad.

"The King of Speed" Jeff Heart- A championship NASCAR driver. Killed his rival by running him over, yet was arrested, but escaped by hotwiring a police car.

"The Ninja" Hurisha Kazukai-Spend all twenty-seven years of his life learning balance in a monk temple in China, got drunk one night and killed twelve people in his village and was banished. All skills are equal.

After that you are realeased into the public domain outside of a jail, in Chicago. The rest is up to you. If you invade a home and find a computer you can go to a social side, known as LookBook and connect with some family to get cash, or become a terrorist and join the Taliban, clear your name and become a police officer. Basically a first person GTA meets The Sims meets Fallout 3, with anything happening, wide maps, destructible enviroments, choosing what you say.

What do you think?


For multiplayer there are games you can join, and most of them last for weeks. You start off with a storymode start, two teams, each with twelve hours befor ethe enmies can "see" each other. You each get one side of the town, and try to make your part by far more economically stable then the other part. This sounds very boring, but you can rob stores on the other half and hurt thier economony. You can increase your population and murder the other city's population. You can steal cars from one side and sell it for cash. Use cash to buy a better police force for your side, or bribe the hostile's side to become leinant. Use cash to get a better population and such and repair your city. You can even hire gangs in your city to attack the enemy or distract the police.

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