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  • MaggotFreakBagSucker

    Hey everyone and welcome back to yet another CoD Theory/ informational blog post...

    When the ORIGINS map pack gt released a series of trailers (From Treyarch ofcourse) got released, and theres one of them Im watching very often, and I always tought there where something strange about it...

    You can hear different quotes and some are not present within the map itself like:

    Richtofen: Fight to ze death!


    Dempsey: Just what did you ment to dig out of the ground?

    Richtofen: An Element, element of great power, enough to fuel our army for an eternity.

    But theres one particular quote that stands out...

    Before getting into it I would like to point out that Richtofen was very calm and did not say anything crazy exept for 1 quote... anyways, in the trailer…

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  • MaggotFreakBagSucker

    We all know the old crew, but in black ops 1 it came to the point of "What happened to them after the Moon easter egg"? Well, this theory involves both the old crew and new crew...

    After Maxis destroyed the earth, it did not got destroyed 100 present, and that's pretty much where the storyline ends for them, but the fact is, that as seen in transit some people survived. my theory is that area the original characters are not dead, but its pointless to continue their story because of the new characters being the main ones within the future.

    Now, how many of your has wondered how Marlton could be in the nuketown bunker when Tranzit is in 2025 and moon in the 1960`s?

    Well, I belive that that "NUKETOWN ZOMBIES" is actually after the end-game on Bu…

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  • MaggotFreakBagSucker

    Ok, so we all know that Buried is the end-game right? Well, I belive that the correct end-game was Richtofens, and the reason why I say this is because Buried is the first map, the thing is that Richtofen keeps sending them back to die rise and tranzit so they can complete the final steps.

    Heres why:

    -On buried, when you listen to the quotes, you can hear them say things wich sounds like its all new for them, but With Samuel, its not his first time, so maybe Samuel has a huge part into this and since Richtofen needs hes body, it could be a possibility that this whole thing involves the time bomb and Richtofen, when you think about it, why is the last nav card on TranZit if the end game is on buried?

    Yes, Samuel says: "Oh no, not again" when R…

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