Hey everyone and welcome back to yet another CoD Theory/ informational blog post...

When the ORIGINS map pack gt released a series of trailers (From Treyarch ofcourse) got released, and theres one of them Im watching very often, and I always tought there where something strange about it...

You can hear different quotes and some are not present within the map itself like:

Richtofen: Fight to ze death!


Dempsey: Just what did you ment to dig out of the ground?

Richtofen: An Element, element of great power, enough to fuel our army for an eternity.

But theres one particular quote that stands out...

Before getting into it I would like to point out that Richtofen was very calm and did not say anything crazy exept for 1 quote... anyways, in the trailer Takeo says:

Why are he not affected?

and Nikolai replies: Who says he isn't?

now we can take this two ways, 1. Hes affected by E115, or 2. Hes insane from before only that hes hiding it...

Im very sure Takeo says affected but thinking about it (because of hes not so great English speaking) maybe he says Infected?

Anyways I will leave a link to the trailer so your could check it out... I know most of yours are angry because they ruined the zombies story-line after the ORIGINS easter Egg, but Treyarch has stated themselves that we will "enjoy what they`re having planned for zombies" so just #HaveFateInTreyarchAndVonderhaar

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