Ok, so we all know that Buried is the end-game right? Well, I belive that the correct end-game was Richtofens, and the reason why I say this is because Buried is the first map, the thing is that Richtofen keeps sending them back to die rise and tranzit so they can complete the final steps.

Heres why:

-On buried, when you listen to the quotes, you can hear them say things wich sounds like its all new for them, but With Samuel, its not his first time, so maybe Samuel has a huge part into this and since Richtofen needs hes body, it could be a possibility that this whole thing involves the time bomb and Richtofen, when you think about it, why is the last nav card on TranZit if the end game is on buried?

Yes, Samuel says: "Oh no, not again" when Richtofen contacts him at the start but, that could be because Samuel came in contact with 115 a long time ago and that he has heard him a lot of times.

I really cant explain what im trying to say here, I really cant, but im going to keep on finding answers and quotes wich will lead me towards the truth.

I have no evidence exept in-game quotes and my brain to prove this but im telling you all that thers something hidden within the storyline.

  • Will be updated*

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