Old Crew

We all know the old crew, but in black ops 1 it came to the point of "What happened to them after the Moon easter egg"? Well, this theory involves both the old crew and new crew...

After Maxis destroyed the earth, it did not got destroyed 100 present, and that's pretty much where the storyline ends for them, but the fact is, that as seen in transit some people survived. my theory is that area the original characters are not dead, but its pointless to continue their story because of the new characters being the main ones within the future.

Now, how many of your has wondered how Marlton could be in the nuketown bunker when Tranzit is in 2025 and moon in the 1960`s?

Well, I belive that that "NUKETOWN ZOMBIES" is actually after the end-game on Buried, because of the area already being wiped out from last time, yes we have seen their bodies in "Round infnity" wich is in the "FUTURE" as Richtofen says, but that is the future that would have been if Maxis side won, Richtofen tells them that if they do his side they will survive and that's whats going to happened, and now you think...Then Maxis won because of the rockets? NO! The zombies story-line consists of different universes, Nuketown zombies are in an alternative universe where Maxis won, The universe in Buried is where Richtofen won, Tranzit is the last area to finnish everything. Richtofen gets in Samuels body in buried and then he sends you to Tranzit to close the rift for good, hes already in Samuels body on Tranzit I cannot explain this more perfectly, Maxis trys to stop them on Tranzit from closing it. I will get more into that in another blog post.


Yes, the part we wonder the most about... its really simple, first their ages, then the fact that Der Riese is the real world because of Samantha being Maxises daughter there but not in Origins as heard in an audio recording, ofcourse it could be that ses adopted but that's not the case in the world where this whole thing actually happened, ORIGINS ended in a real cliff-hanger and im sure Treyarch will continue Origins story, but the main things I wanted to tell was that the new crew is not dead in the real universe and that the old crew is not dead in Moon but then it would have been Samantha insteadof Richtofen as a character and we all know that Richtofen is the most liked character so theres no reason for treyarch to do more with them, it will most likely be that they continue thru origins and then well get an dlc explaining the end of moon as in a form of eigher another new crew or the new crew.

Anyways guys that's it for this blog post ill post more of these and im just saying my theory, but of all the theories ive heard this is the one that made the most sense and I personally belive that this is the answer to what everyone has wondered about. I know nyot all of yours are interested In this and that since im new to this wiki you might not wanna show that you care about what I say and that's fine, but I think its pretty important that everyone reads or hears about this, I might create a youtube account after ive found out more, when ive completed the main easter egg on both sides I will figure it out but i pretty sure I wont be able to do that before bo3 is released because of not finding a crew or rage quitters wich has happened...anyways, HAVE A GOOD DAY :)

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