Okay, I have no idea where you grammatically challenged anons came from, but I'd like to point out this was an early blog with info coming from leaked videos. This was legitimate information. I didn't have a 100% clear understanding of everything at the time of writing this but I still stand by my predictions, especiallys since they have been right so far. To re-cap:

  • Nuketown 2025 - Still hasn't been released publicly, my prediction hasn't been false
  • Nuketown Zombies - Not included in the so-called Rezzurection 2.0, included with the Season Pass, my predicition hasn't been false
  • Revolution Map Pack - Four regular maps and one zombie map that is only survival and larger in size compared to the base game survival maps. 100% correct. I had not guessed that there would be the new weapon and zombie game mode but those were minor additions.
  • The apparent Rezzurection 2.0 - No, there isn't going to be another map pack of Black Ops 1 zombie maps in the new engine. There are too many and Black Ops is still perfectly playable and sold alot better then World at War did so it wouldn't have the selling point of giving the classic four maps back to everyone. What maps would they include? They still need to stick to the $15 price point, and if it was the Black Ops 1 zombie maps it would make the original Black Ops 1 map packs a terrible deal and pointless to buy, it's a terrible idea from a marketing stand point. Now think about how large Green Run is. It has all those different areas that can even be played individually for survival, grief, and turned. If they wanted to do an all zombie final dlc that also ended the storyline they are setting up doing another Green Run style map. That is probably what they are going to do.

WARNING - These predictions have enfluence from leaked info on the game (Legitimate leaked info, comes from youtube videos showing the menus) It's extremely minor, but people who want to go in 100% blind may be unhappy.

Now, we already know there are going to be four dlc packs, $15 each, thanks to the Season Pass's description. People are already going out and saying Nuketown Zombies will be part of "Rezurrection 2.0" but I find it unlikely. Are you all forgetting the fact that Tranzit is a campaign? A campaign made of 4 maps, one of which should be double-sized for grief mode? How many maps are in a dlc pack? Five. Keep that in mind as I predict the future. Also, it would be really unfair to those who bought Hardened Edition to include the extra map and cram it into a dlc pack they'd pay anyway and get no compensation on as proven by the Season Pass.

Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown Zombies

Please note this is the biggest part of my prediction I am unsure of.

We've been told there are no plans to release Nuketown 2025. It may still happen. However I think it's possible (I would also be happy if they did this as I'm getting Hardened Edition) that they will release it and/or Nuketown Zombies as individual dlc. Not part of the map packs and possibly a bit over-priced, like say 400 Microsoft Points ($5 USD) This will make everyone happy, including the ones who spent extra money on the special editions or went out of their way to pre-order.

First Three DLC Packs

It's simple, really. Especially since thanks to the leaks we know for sure Nuketown is a dlc map with no connections to a campaign, instead only being available for survival mode.

Each pack will be just like Black Ops's packs. Four new multiplayer maps, and one new zombie map that will be for survival and maybe grief mode. These maps will also most likely be larger then the maps we are getting, as they aren't tied to a bigger campaign or based off of a small-sized multiplayer map, just like the Black Ops 1 map pack zombie maps.

The Fourth Pack (The So-Called "Rezurrection 2.0")

Not going to happen. This is going to be a fifteen dollar pack as always. If they were doing another "Rezurrection" pack what would they fit into it? Nuketown Zombies I know everyone thinks but what would the other four be? The classic maps? No, there aren't many people who would buy the maps A THIRD TIME. From the leaks, we've been shown that Tranzit has four maps, and only one of them has grief mode. (Maybe 2, the person I saw the footage of didn't go over the last map) Since Grief mode is two maps in one pretty much and the campaign would be attached to it, that more then makes up for the last map. I'm thinking instead of packaging five zombie maps, one of them being Nuketown Zombies, they are instead giving us a second campaign. It would fit perfectly for a dlc pack. Heck, if they are worried enough about keeping them all with fives there is no reason why they couldn't make this campaign have an extra major area. I'm also going to guess this campaign is where we will see the return of the original beloved characters. I will admit there is still a possibility though that Nuketown Zombies will be included with this pack, but I'm betting no.


Really the main part of my prediction I'm REALLY sure about is the fact that we are going to get three packs that have four multiplayer maps and one survival map and then one pack that adds in a campaign. The little details are more guesses.

And there you have my prediction. Anything about it you disagree with? Tell me in the comments, I'm open to hear your opinions.

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