Hey everyone! The next Call of Duty game, complete with most of it's plot and some levels has been leaked! I'll list all I have found out! Current Version: 1.32

<-- Click here for the menu music! Also the multiplayer factions have been designed and are listed here!


The game is a first-person shooter set in the world of Wikia, a brony infestation is set loose and must be stopped before all of Wikia is consumed by love and tolerance!


Level 1: The Pointless Opening Level!

  • Location: Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki
  • User: Gruntijackal
  • Day 1

At the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki, a former administrator named Daniel Smith tries to over-through Magma-Man so that he can run it "better" You must assist the sane users of the Wikia in killing Daniel and his evil minions, Goodboy and HellHoundSlayer! This is basically just a pointless tutorial level for you to figure out the controls.

Level 2: The Night-mare Begins

  • Location: Halo Wiki
  • User: Magma-Man
  • Day 1

After Wikia staff saw how well Magma-Man defended his Wiki they assigned him the job of rescuing a user of the Call of Duty Wiki, named Smuff, who has suddenly dissapeared! Magma-Man and his fellow Wikians Gruntijackal and Sniperteam82308 go to find him. They follow the beacon to the Halo Wiki, where they find it deserted, leaving the articles such as Hunter free to attack them.

After battling there way through the Wiki, they wonder why the users have all left. Then, they find the entrance to another Wiki, called the MLP Wiki, and according to their tracking devices, this was where Smuff was located...

  • Location: MLP Wiki
  • User: Magma-Man
  • Day 1

The three Wikians enter the MLP Wiki. It is deserted, silent. They walk through the deserted halls of the world, following the marker on their tracking devices. They soon find Smuff, who is sitting in a corner singing the Friendship is Magic theme song. Magma-Man tries to get his attention, and Smuff looks around at them, revealing a hideously mutated face, half of it looking like Rainbow Dashes head. "BRO HOOF!" He screams, kicks Magma-Man in the groin, then prances off, locking the door behind them. Then... there is banging on the doors in the room, and it suddenly is alot like the level 343 Guilty Spark from Halo 1...

The doors burst open, and waves of small pony dolls flood out of them, and attack the Wikians. While Gruntijackal tries to get the door open, Magma-Man desperately tries to fend them off. One of them latches onto Sniperteam, and he mutates in a care loving soul sucking monster, forcing Magma-Man to shoot him. Grunt manages to open the door and they escape.

The rest of the level is devoted to Magma-Man and Grunt escaping the Ponies. They call Registered Contributor and tell them to land a Pelican at the New Mombasa article in the Halo Wiki, which becomes the destination. Magma-Man and Grunt escape, and they are informed by 900bv that they have unleashed an evil like no other. When Grunt asks where Smuff is going, 900bv replies, "The Call of Duty Wiki"

Level 3: Revenge of the Silverback

  • Location: Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki
  • User: Gruntijackal
  • Day 2

The Wikia users continue to chase Smuff. Smuff passes through Nazi Zombies Plus, and infects EternalBlaze with love and tolerance. EternalBlaze, without the admins, Gruntijackal and Magma-Man, there to stop him, destroys the Wiki lets loose the many creations.

EternalBlaze shouts "FOR FLUTTERSHY!" Does a yeti yell, and uses a AAW-12 to shoot down the Pelican. All but Registered Contribut survive, and the rest of the users must travel through the corrupted remains of Nazi Zombies Plus, fighting many fanon creations, including Terrorantulas, Remains, Telemutants, and more. Eventually right before you manage to get out of the Wiki, EternalBlaze sends one of Gruntijackal's own creations against them, sending the Cosmic Silverback from Revenge of the Silverback against them.

BOSS BATTLE: The Vengeful Silverback

The Silverback is very fast, can one hit kill you with melee, and throws exploding barrels at you. To damage him, you must shoot the exploding barrels in his hands before he gets a chance to throw them, causing them to blow up in his face. Do this around five times and he will be dead.

They escape the Wiki, leaving EternalBlaze to rot.

Level 4: TIME TO KICK SOME N00B ASS!!!1!one!1!

  • User: 900bv
  • Location: Spec Ops Plus Wiki and Pokemon Fanon Wiki
  • Day 2

As our heroes continue to pursue Smuff, they end up going through the Spec Ops Plus Wiki. This Wiki is new, and doesn't have any active users and only a couple articles. They stop at the Juggernaut Armor article and gear up, then leave. The next Wiki they have to go through is the Pokemon Fanon Wiki.

The users enter the Fanon Wiki, acting awesome because of there armor, and then find that a user, 1LugiaLover, has been infected and has become a pegisister! She sends hundreds of fanon Pokemon designs the NZP user's way, and they must get through it with the power of Jugger!

The player gets to cut through hundreds and hundreds of fanon Pokemon, and this level is actually quite easy and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Level 5: Big Brony

  • User: 900bv
  • Location: Bioshock Wiki
  • Day 2

After cutting through the Pokefanon Wiki, the NZP users find themselves in yet another Wiki. The Bioshock Wiki. They wonder where Smuff may of gone, and look for signs of Brony infection. When none is found, they decide Smuff didn't infect anything there and move on. As soon as they do however, a pink Big Daddy Bouncer slams Magma-Man to the ground, knocking him out. "LOVE AND TOLERANCE BITCHES!" it shouts as it drills a hole through Gruntijackal. The Big Daddy then turns to face 900bv.


It now is a parady of the opening of Epic Rap Battles of History.


You now must kill the Big Daddy while it raps about the awesomeness of Smuff and how the Bronies will prevail. Killing him is similar to killing one in Bioshock, you just don't have Plasmids.

Once the Big Daddy is killed, Magma-Man walks over to Gruntijackal's corpse, and says "He was a good man, and uh... he made alot of good articles on my wiki... and... he died bravely, and... screw it let's get out of here!"

Levels 6-13

I may make them later. For now let's just skip to the end!

Level 14: Corn on the CoD

  • Location: Call of Duty Wiki
  • User: Sgt. S.S.
  • Day 5

Magma-Man arrives at the CoD Wiki, and finds that Smuff had beat them there and had already started enslaving most users to the ways of the Brony. Magma-Man instructs one of the free-willed users, Sgt. S.S., to distract the bronies while he tries to find and destroy Smuff. At the end of the level, Sgt. S.S. is also assimilated, leaving Magma-Man the last free-willed Wikian on the Wiki.

Level 15: The Gravemind (Other-wise Known As the Big Ball o' Smuff)

  • Location: Call of Pony Wiki
  • User: Magma-Man
  • Day 5

Magma-Man finally locates Smuff, and finds that he has mutated into a large blob of rainbows, glitter, and pink globs of goo. He has corrupted the Wikis servers, turning it into the Call of Pony Wiki, and pro-claims that he shall spread his influence to "Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and then real-life!" Magma-Man knows he must be stopped, and knows what to do. Bullets won't kill Smuff, instead, he must make it to the AC130 article, there he will be able to stop Smuff.


Basically Smuff is invincible, and you have to get past him and his goons (Callofduty4, EternalBlaze, DarkMetroid567, Metlman13, anyone else who is a brony) Once Magma-Man reaches the AC130 article, he turns around to face the Bronymind, and shouts "Time to call in an AC130 AND FUCK THAT SHIT UP!!!!" Which is what he does. He destroys Smuff and saves the Call of Duty Wiki from assimilation.


In the Epilogue, Magma-Man is shown going to the Hopeville Missile Silo article on the Fallout Wiki and using it to nuke the MLP Wiki, so that an outbreak will never happen again.

After the credits, it shows EternalBlaze, one of the last to be turned brony, still alive, who then declares that she he will bring love and tolerance to the world! He then shrieks in pain because both of his arms are broken.


<-- Click here for the credits music!

Writer - Magma-Man
Inspired By - The Brony Invasion of the Call of Duty Wiki, the Nazi Zombies Plus Cold War, and my brother's idea of comparing the bronies to the flood.
Support - 900bv, Sgt. S.S., AugFC, Smuff, and Raven's Wing
Who Created Call of Duty In the First Place - Infinity Ward
I LIKE PUDDING!... that is all...


I do not mean this to be an insult in anyway, I just thought we could all have a laugh! You did laugh right? Please? LAUGH OR I'LL... I'LL... I don't know... I fail... MM out!

ALSO! Yes there are alot of Wikia user's names in here (Me, EternalBlaze, Callofduty4, Registered Contributor, Smuff, etc.) As I have said it's a joke, I have nothing against bronies, or Smuff.

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