Sorry this took so long, and sorry if it turns out boring. Comedy, while still present, was toned down for story-telling and epicosity reasons. I am trying to condense this blog, so it won't take too long to read, but expect alot to be left out. If this game was real alot more jokes would be crammed in then what you are going to read. Epic set pieces were a big focus of mine when designing this game, and sadly I can't describe them all in perfect detail. So... just try to imagine the moments to be as epic as possible (when nessessary).


First of all, the villains in this blog are the Battlefield fanboys, as in, anyone obsessed with Battlefield being better then everything else (particularly Call of Duty) and the only real users that are badly represented in this blog are Daniel Smith and HellHoundSlayer, both of which do not edit on this Wiki, have insulted me and many others much worse then this, and Daniel Smith has even stated that "Call of Duty Wiki is filled with idiots" so I don't think I'm the one you should be getting mad at. Also, I have nothing against any of you, and if it seems I make an insult towards any non-fiction user outside of the two users previously mentioned, it is a joke and not to be taken seriously.

Thanks for all the support, and enjoy the blog! And don't worry, Call of Wikia 3 should get here sooner then this one did!


Getting Y'all Up To Speed

This takes place 6 months after Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare, which I recommend you at least skim over before reading this. I have left Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki to work at Call of Duty Wiki, and I have replaced Smuff on the News team and as an admin, while 900bv and DeadRaiser manage NZP. In the high point of Shooter season 2011, the fanboy rage is high. A previous Call of Duty fanboy on Wikia, called codkid, decides that since he just turned twelve he is too old for "baby" games like CoD and becomes obsessed with Battlefield, because that's what he's gathered is the cooliest thing ever judging by Youtube comments. His name is changed to XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, and he travels to the Battlefield Wiki, and is disgusted when he finds that the users on the Wiki are friends with users on the Call of Duty Wiki and that the Wiki isn't trying to bash CoD as much as possible. As soon as he tries to correct this, he is banned. He swears vengeance and sets out on his epic journey that will change Wikia forever.

Battlefield Fanboys

Chapter I - 1337 Hacks

  • Location: Nazi Zombies Plus Fanon Wiki
  • Characters: XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, Callofdoodysux, and lolim1337

In search of the legendary, "1337 SEXXXAY HAX," codkid, now renamed, XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, has traveled to the small Wiki of Nazi Zombies Plus Fanon, guarded by the infamous HellHoundSlayer and his slave partner, Daniel Smith.

The cutscene opens with the fanboy's leader leading an assault on a bunker inside the Nazi Zombies Plus Fanon Wiki (which is a ip-off of my Wiki, Nazi Zombies Plus) which is consistently spawning Nazi Zombies to sprint at the invaders. "Keep pressing onwards, cunts!" The leader shouts. "HellHoundSlayer wouldn't fight with such desperation if the rumors weren't true! I will have those 1337, seeexxxaaayyy hacks!" They burst through into the bunker, and the resistance is heavily died down.

The player takes control of their selected character. The only enemies to start out with are low level nazi zombies, just to keep the player busy and to get the player accustomed to the game. As the level continues and the three fanboys continue to push harder into the facility, the zombies rise in power. At one point when traveling up a particularly long elevator, Daniel Smith contacts them. "I assure you there are no hacks here. I know HHS, and I know he is far too pathetically dim-witted to be in possession of such a thing. Or at least keep it from my knowledge. Please turn back now, I'd prefer it if this Wiki was-" "HEY! FUCKER! I SAID THE STRAWBERRY MILK! NOT CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE IS FOR PUSSIES! GET ME SOME NEW MILK AND MAKE SURE IT'S IN MY BOOBIE MUG!" HellHoundSlayer screeches from the background. "Errmm... yes, lord HHS..." the video feed is stopped. "Hah! They think they can fool the awesomeness that is me! I will kill both those cunts once I get those sexxay hacks!" The leader shouts. His followers all blindly agree with him.

They eventually reach HHS, and find that he does indeed have sexxxay hacks. "NO! I'M NOT LETTING YOU COCK SUCKERS GET MAH HACKS!" HHS screams at them. He then starts to attempt to destroy the coding for the hacks. "NO!" the fanboy leader shouts. "I MUST HAVE THOSE HACKS! THOSE 1337, SEXXXAY HACKS!" As more zombies spawn to stop you, the three fanboys must run up to HHS as fast as possible to stop him. Once you reach him, lolim1337 pushes HHS out of the way as he screeches obscenities, and opens the hack containment unit. lolim1337 and Callofdoodysux are apprehensive, but the leader immediately runs into the damaged coding, embracing the power. "Fool! You'll die!" Daniel shouts. However, his expression becomes shocked as the fanboy leader just starts to laugh. "IMPOSSIBLE! HACKS CORRUPT AND DOMINATE ALL THEY COME INTO CONTACT WITH!" HHS screeches, terrified. The fanboy leader then announces "I... am the corrupter! I... am the dominator! I... AM... XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX!!!" As HHS and Daniel scurry away, the fanboy leader walks up to his followers. "Now, fellow fanboys, receive your BIRTHRIGHT!" He then infuses the other players with the hacks. They use the hacks to follow Daniel and HHS, destroying everything in their path. Once they catch up to Daniel Smith and HHS, they are about to leave the Wiki through a portal. "It's the end of the line mother-fuckers!" the fanboy leader shouts. "Time to ban you from Wikia's servers!" "NO! WAIT! I want to join you!" Daniel shouts. "And what use would you be to me?" "I know of a Wiki with over 2000 articles of monstrous creatures you could use as an army. I can only show you it if you give me your hacks, and let me join your ranks." "YOU BACK STABBING CUNT!" HHS shouts. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" he then retreats through the portal, leaving the Wiki. "What shall I do, my lord?" Daniel asks the fanboy leader. "Follow that stupid kid! He can report us to Wikia staff! This cannot happen! Am I clear!?" Daniel says yes, and he is sent through the portal after HHS along with Callofdoodysux and lolim1337. The fanboy leader, now armed with the hacks, travels to the Battlefield wiki. He has a score to settle.

Chapter II - k1ll1ng the cu|\|t

  • Location: Ghostbusters Wiki
  • Characters: Daniel Smith, Callofdoodysux, lolim1337
  • Boss: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, HellHoundSlayer

Eager to prove himself worthy of the fanboy leader's trust, Daniel Smith leads the other fanboys on a daring raid of the Ghostbusters Wiki to ensure that the Wikia staff cannot be informed of their new abilities.

Daniel Smith and the other fanboys arrive at the Ghostbusters Wiki. "So, this is where that cock-sucker went off to?" Daniel mutters. Devilmanozzy, the admin on the Wiki, walks up to them. "Excuse me, what is your business on my Wiki?" "Nothing that concerns you faggot!" lolim1337 shouts as he inserts and arrow into Devilmanozzy's knee. You see, the fanboy leader designed items that would allow the fanboys to permanently corrupt user's profiles to "kill" them, like what happened to Smuff, and they are arrows that must be inserted into the victims knee. LOL isn't the fanboy leader so hilarious!?

The corruption process is more destructive then the fanboys expected, and the entire structure they are in begins to decay and collapse. As they make it out of the room, they hear HHS's voice taunt them. "Hah! You forget, ass-wipes, that this is the Ghostbuttfuckers wiki! Guess what's going to attack you know that the admin is gone and not able to contain the articles!? GHOSTS! Your guns won't help you fags now! Hah!" As many ghosts start to circle around the fanboys, Daniel simply smugly says, "Oh really?" and creates a shockwave with his hacking ability that causes all the ghosts to become solid, allowing them to be destroyed. "You'll never cease to be a dumbass, HHS." "FUCK!"

After a long level of defeating ghosts and moving through areas of the Wiki with HHS constantly taunting you with messages intended to make the player angry at him and want to kill him more, eventually you end up at the top of a skyscraper with HHS at the edge of the building. "It's over, you stupid cunt!" cries Callofdoodysux. "Oh is it?" HHS smugly replies. He then flops off the building. "Well that was easy!" laughs lolim1337. Then, they hear a monstrous roar. Daniel goes over and peers over the edge of the building, then runs back screaming "OH FUCK!"

Stay Puft Marshmallow man, fifty feet tall, is climbing up the building towards them, with HHS riding his back. "Time to die you stupid fags!"

BOSS BATTLE: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

can i haz hugz?

In this boss battle, you need to continuously fire at Stay Puft's hands to weaken prevent him from climbing the building and reaching you. After a bit, you will be able to blast him with hacks. Do this five times and it's over. Simple.

Stay Puft falls to the ground, splattering and covering the entire area in Marshmallow goop. The fanboys slam the ground, collapsing the floor beneath them until they reach the bottom of the area. "Make sure he's dead!" says Daniel. "HA HA HA! FAGGOTS!" The marshmallow muck starts to rise and become large globs that orbit a marshmallow goop covered HHS. "Crap! HHS was protected by Stay Puft! He absorbed the hacks in such small amounts he wasn't harmed and can instead control them!"

BOSS BATTLE: HellHoundSlayer {C}This boss battle is the real challenge. HHS cocoons himself in marshmallow guck and uses his hacking ability to create marshmallow monsters to attack the fanboys, along with firing random globs of marshmallow at them. After enough time has passed, the fanboys will be able to create a hack shock-wave, damaging HHS's cacoon. After this is done, all you need to do is keep shooting at the cocoon until it is destroyed, leaving HHS vulnerable. Once this is done, Daniel will approach the weekend HHS, and take out an arrow. "Now to show you exactly how much of a fuck I give about your Strawberry milk!" Daniel then stabs HHS's knee with the arrow, corrupting his account and destroying him once and for all.

Chapter III - fa11 of nzp

  • Location: Nazi Zombies Plus
  • Characters: XxXCoDisn't1337XxX, lolim1337, s3xy hax
  • Boss: 900bv assisted by DeadRaiser

Daniel Smith, now renamed XxXCoDisn't1337XxX, travels with the Battlefield fanboys to take control of a Wiki has long harbored a grudge against. The Wiki that was his life, before getting kicked out. The Wiki that he must control. Nazi Zombies Plus.

Daniel walks up to the Wiki and is greeted by Chestnut. "Daniel! Didn't realize your ban expired yet! Welcome back!" "Fuck you." Daniel mutters as he takes out a pistol and shoots Chestnut's head, banning him from the Wiki. "LAWL! THAT WAS AWESOME!" s3xy hax laughs. "Shut up, and let's get this done. We wouldn't want do disappoint Lord CoD is suxor, would we?" Daniel sternly tells them. "CoDisn't1337 is right, hax. We don't want our leader angry." Daniel then shoots a zombie sprinting at him from behind without turning his head. "Let's do it." He says as he turns around and starts to reload his weapon, before he puts on a smug smile when he remembers that thanks to his new abilities he didn't have to bother anymore.

You go throughout the Wiki, battling it's inhabitants, such as Nazi Zombies, Hellhounds, Remains, etc. Eventually you'll get contacted by 900bv. "I don't know how you got back in here Daniel, but I can assure you that you're going straight back out. You are no longer wanted here." "YOU'LL be the one who will get the fuck out of this place, bv. You and the rest of Magma-Man's whiny little bitches!" Daniel shouts as he shoots BirdPaw, who was trying to jump him. "Very well." 900bv states and the communications are cut.

After a while a trudging through the Wiki you finally get to 900bv. BOSS BATTLE: 900bv and DeadRaiser

"Ahh, we meet at last, old frenemy!" Daniel shouts. "You will never have this Wiki, Smith!" 900bv shouts from ontop of his stand in the middle of the room. "Ah, come on, bv, I just want to talk! Come on down here and let's have a nice chat." Daniel smugly replies. "HOW ABOUT WE SHUT UP AND WASTE THIS FUCKER!" shouts s3xy hax and he aims at 900bv. "I think I'll stay here, thank you. It will give me an excellent view point for your destruction!" 900bv laughs as a force field comes around him and a hologram version of his upper torso expands from the top.

"You have no idea, Daniel! Here, I have limitless power!"

The three players then have to stop 900bv. The things in their way? The impenetrable force field and the Nazi Zombies coming to attack them. As the fanboys fend off the zombies 900bv also manipulates the environment, changing up the flooring and bringing the ceiling smashing down in certain areas. Eventually, DeadRaiser will run out and fight the fanboys. After DeadRaiser has taken enough damage, 900bv will use his energy to restore DeadRaiser to full health. This however weakens his force fields, so while he does this the players must shoot up the force field as much as possible. Repeat this several times and the boss battle will be over.

"No, this isn't possible! I can't believe it!" 900bv shouts as he tumbles to the ground, defeated. "Believe it, douche-bag!" lolim1337 shouts. Daniel walks up to 900bv and uses his hacks to suck the administrator abilities out of bv. "Thank you so much for aiding in Wikia's destruction, bv." Daniel sneers. "Imprison these idiots. They'll be a good distraction for MM when he arrives."

Chapter IV - xtr3m3 pwnage!

  • Location: Call of Duty Wiki
  • Characters: XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, Callofdoodysux, codkiller

Sure of their victory, and armed with 1337 hacks, the Battlefield fanboys launches the final assaults on the Call of Duty Wiki, and Wikia's central servers.

The cutscene shows Drkdragonz66 looking standing out on Big Ben, working on creating the next news blog. He looks up and sees fire balls coming right at him. "Oh shit!" are his last words before he is incinerated and thus forcefully banned from the Wiki.


le Terrorantulas. They like to grab onto your face and give you huggles. Oh, and murder you. :3

The cutscene then shows the Call of Duty Wiki as it gets assaulted with 20 Battlefield 3 jets, 30 tanks, lots of angry fanboys, plus hundreds of Nazi Zombies and Terrorantulas. The three characters are shown as they walk proudly behind the parade of chaos.

"The Call of Duty Wiki will burn!" codkiller triumphantly shouts. "As will all Call of Duty related things on Wikia!" The leader yells as he shoots down a Call of Duty Wiki users desperately trying to limp away. "I hate being in the back seat! Let's go kill those mother fuckers!" Callofdoodysux shouts out. "An excellent suggestion." codkiller announces and uses his hacks to teleport the three to an area where the can easily flank the Call of Duty Wiki users lining up to defend the Wiki. "Too easy." the fanboy leader laughs as he stabs a user through the knee with one of his corruption arrows.

This level is basically explosions, kill everything, more explosions, kill more things, more explosions, chaos, and did I mention the explosions? The player is meant to feel empowered as they massacre the Wiki, gunning down Call of Duty supporter one by one.

At the end, after traveling through the whole Wiki, the fanboys encounter the Wikia staff trying to escape in a helicopter. The helicopter is shot down and ravaged upon by the fanboy's forces. As Wikia central nears, the anti-hack bots are sent out to attack the fanboys, but they are nothing against the fanboys power. Eventually the fanboys encounter a Wikia staff member who survived the crash. "Go ahead!" he gasps, clutching his chest in pain. "Just try and take control of the server. You won't survive what we have in store for you!" The fanboy leader then leans down and looks at the staff member directly in the eye. "I think I have proven I can handle myself. You however, have not" As he says not he stabs the Wikia staff's knee with a corruption arrow, killing him permanently.

Chapter V - bf3 ftw

  • Location: Wikia's Central Servers
  • Characters: XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, Callofdoodysux, codkiller
  • Boss: Ban Hammer Supreme

The Wikia staff have fallen under the power of the fanboys' 1337 hacks. Only one more things stands in the fanboy's way before achieving total domination of Wikia. Ban Hammer Supreme.

The three fanboys laugh as they enter Wikia's central servers. Nothing could stand in their way. Not Nazi Zombies Plus, not the Call of Duty Wiki, not the Wikia Staff, not even... "Oooohhhh fuck..." Callofdoodysux groans.

Before them is a massive rectangular robot. "Hackers: Detected. Weapons System: Initializing. Objective: Ban Hackers." The robot announces in an emotionless voice.

BOSS BATTLE: Ban Hammer Supreme

The first part of the battle the robot simply unfolds some arms and legs and starts shooting missiles at the fanboys. Shooting up it's torso enough will cause it to change into it's second form.

In this form the robot is 10 separate parts, who will walk around and attack the fanboys as a normal enemy. Once they are all downed they will converge back together and become the next form.

This form is flat. It attaches itself to the ceiling and starts spitting out anti-hack bots to attack the players. After every 20 anti-hack bots there will be a time when Ban Hammer Supreme will be vulnerable to attack before producing more anti-hack bots. After it is attacked enough it will become the next form.

This form is four separate X pieces. Each will fly around and shoot up the players. After being attacked enough they will become the next form.

This form is mostly the same as before, except three of the X pieces will be smaller and one of the pieces will have become bigger and a sphere shape. The sphere shaped piece will hover over one of the players and take control of them, forcing them to attack the other players. After enough damage has been done to the sphere, it will turn into the final form.

The final form is that of a giant head. It's eyes will fire laser beams and it's mouth will shoot out rockets at the players. ("WHAT THE FUCK!?" shouts codkiller.) After each eyes has been destroyed, the fanboy leader must blast hacks into the mouth, then the boss will be killed.

"Status: Corrupted. Mission: Failed. Fanboyism: Superior. Coding: Changed. Current Mission: Battlefield for the Win."

The fanboy leader laughs triumphantly as he absorbs the administrative rights and takes full control of Wikia. "I have done it! Wikia is mine! Let all Call of Duty fags TREMBLE!" he shouts as Ban Hammer Supreme reasembles itself and heads out to assist in the destruction of the Call of Duty Wiki.

Call of Duty Supporters

Chapter VI - Fall of the Call of Duty Wiki

  • Location: Call of Duty Wiki
  • Characters: Magma-Man, Redskin-26, Raven's Wing
  • Boss: Hack-Bot Supreme

As the Call of Duty Wiki is reduced to ruins in a Wikia controlled by the Battlefield fanboys, Magma-Man and fellow Wikians make a daring attempt to escape the Wiki with their lives.

A tank from Call of Duty: World at War is shown. It blasts away a group of Nazi Zombies, but then catches the attention of a jet piloted by a fanboy. "Go! Get out!" Raven's Wing shouts. The three occupants of the tank, Magma-Man, Redskin-26, and Raven's Wing get it moments before it is incinerated. "I can't believe this is happening!" Redskin states. "Believe it." Magma-Man replies. "Okay, here is the plan. I've already discussed it with N7, Conquerer, and Shadowshot. We need to get off of this Wiki as soon as possible." Magma-Man sighs as the walls fill up with obscene images and Battlefield logos. "It's a lost cause. What we are going to do is get to my Wiki. Nazi Zombies Plus, it should be safe their, and it will be well guarded." Screams are heard in the distance. "Let's go. Get to my user page. There will be a portal there to travel to NZP."

The players then get moving. One of the first things that happen is a television screen appears and the fanboy leader states the same message as heard in the teaser trailer. "Rejoice! Users of the Call of Duty Wiki! Your new ruler, XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, has arrived. No longer will you be living under the burdens of freedom in choice. Henceforth, all Call of Duty related things shall be destroyed, and Battlefield shall dominate, ALL OF WIKIA! HA HA HA HA HA!"

After climbing to the top of a tower, they see Hack-Bot Supreme in the distance,


tearing down buildings. "Oh my God..." Magma-Man mutters. "We aren't getting off this Wiki with that thing in the way." Raven's Wing points out. "Sooooo, we're screwed?" Redskin asks. "No," Magma-Man states. "I have an idea."

The players must then make their way to the Gunship article. Once they do, the three CoD supporters get into Gunships and take off. "Okay everyone! Cue the epic music! We're taking down that behemoth!"

BOSS BATTLE: Hack-Bot Supreme

The players must maneuver their gunships through the tall burning towers of CoD Wiki articles. Using all the fire power they've got, they must unload against Hack-Bot Supreme as much as possible, as it will fight back and is capable of maneuvering just as well as they can. Eventually Hack-Bot will be destroyed. "Woohoo!" Redskin shouts. "Let's get out of here!" Magma-Man calls to his allies as he makes way to his User Page so that he can get to NZP.

Chapter VII - Hostile Territory

  • Location: Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki
  • Characters: Magma-Man, Ice Water Fearlessly Trained Walruses, Conquerer of All Zombies
  • Boss: Shayla Cohen

Magma-Man, believing his Wiki to be a safe haven, leads his allies there, only to discover that Daniel Smith, his old Nemesis, has taken over. The Wikia portal closed, the three Wikians must manually exit the Wiki as soon as possible if they wish to live.

Magma-Man, Redskin, and Raven's Wing get through the deteriorating portal and arrive at the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki. They groan as they get up and try to shake off the effects of the damaged portal. "Redskin, Wing, you guys okay?" Magma-Man asks in a tone somewhere between a grunt and a groan. "Yep, just dandy." Redskin announces in a strained manner. "Well, we should be safe here." Magma-Man turns to the portal. "Where are the others? They should be through by now!" Raven's Wing says. "Ah! Our great creator has returned!" Magma-Man turns and sees Navarro and Keats walk toward the three, Keats giving a warm smile and shaking Magma-Man's hand. "It's been far too long, MM." Navarro says. "Yeah, great to see you guys to. Where is bv and DeadRaiser?" Magma-Man asks, still keeping his attention on the portal. "Oh, we don't answer to them anymore."

"No!" Magma-Man stares in shock as his two creations turn on their KWW-1s and vaporize Raven's Wing and Redskin, banning them from the Wiki. "All hail Lord Smith!" Keats proclaims as he turns his weapon on Magma-Man. "I believe a good course of action would be to surrender immediately." "Yes, MM, surrender to my power!" Daniel then appears on a television screen giving Magma-Man the finger and laughs. "Daniel, please, I need this Wiki! Some Battlefield fanboys have taken over Wikia, they will destroy everything if I don't stop them!" "Yes, I am well aware of that, MM. I have joined there ranks." "You're joking, right?" "Afraid not. But also, why not? They get an army capable of taking down both the Call of Duty Wiki and Wikia's central servers, and I get to finally get my revenge on you for ruining my life! You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment!" "Six months?" "...y-yes... six months. KILL HIM!" Daniel orders Keats and Navarro, but right then, I.W.F.T.W., along with Conquerer of All Zombies, bursts through the portal and blasts away Keats and Navarro. "FUCK!" Daniel screams. "Thanks for that. Couldn't you have come a bit sooner?" Magma-Man asks I.W.F.T.W.. "You wouldn't believe how fast those fanboys are churning out the hack bots. It was much harder for me then it was for you. I imagine everyone still on the Wiki doesn't have a chance." "Crap." "May I remind you all of the situation you are currently in? You have no chance here either. I have the entire army of Nazi Zombies Plus to bear down upon you assholes, and the portal is closed!" Magma-Man and company looks back, and indeed the portal is closed. "Well, we are just going to have to make it on foot then." Conquerer nervously says as Daniel Smith laughs in the background and fills all the digital walls of the Wiki into pictures of a guy saying "Fuck You".

Throughout the entire level Daniel Smith continuously insults and mocks Magma-Man. The three players will have to fight off every enemy Nazi Zombies Plus has to offer, from simple zombies and HellHounds to Terrorantulas and Remains. Eventually they learn that 900bv and DeadRaiser were not killed. Simply imprisoned in the lower areas of the Wiki. The three players journey there and free the two users, and then continue to the Wiki's exit, with the assistance of 900bv and DeadRaiser. Once they finally make it to the exit, Shayla Cohen is blocking there way with a Teleporter set up just like in the final chapter of Magma-Man's Lies storyline. "NO! You will not leave this Wiki alive! I've waited too long!" Daniel shrieks. "Now, face the wrath of your own creation. The final boss of your fucking retarded storyline. Let's see how well you do against this monster in a real fight!"


Shayla mutates into the final boss monster of Lies, growing four times in size, becoming blue, scaly, getting two rows of fingers above the hand, all of which very long, and razor sharp, the monster gets two rows of teeth, both of which are jagged and sharp, and it roars at the players as tentacles sprout out from it's back. "What is wrong with you MM?" Daniel asks. "What, upset she's not hot anymore?" Magma-Man retorts as the boss begins to attack.

She has the equivalent health of George Romero. Every time a fourth of the health is drained, she mutates more. First thing that happens is that simply more tentacles sprout from the back and she starts attacking with them faster. Second thing that happens is that two more arms sprout out that are capable of conjuring up fire balls and throwing them at the trailer, and the final thing that happens is that Telemutants start spawning to protect Cohen.

After Cohen is killed, Daniel will scream and rage while Magma-Man, Conquerer, and I.W.F.T.W. escape the Wiki and enter Nukapedia, the Fallout Wiki.

Chapter VIII - Take it Back!

  • Location: Nukapedia
  • Characters: Magma-Man, Ebon Shadowshot, DeadRaiser
  • Boss: Haximus Prime

After escaping the only safe haven they may of had, Magma-Man emerges onto Nukapedia, the abandoned Fallout Wiki, which has now become the same as it's subject world, a barren wasteland.


Status of Enemies' Pants: Soiled

"Battlefield for the win." Liberty Prime states as he throws a mini nuclear bomb at a group of survivors from the Call of Duty Wiki. This is the first thing Magma-Man sees as he emerges from Nazi Zombies Plus. "Why!? Am I cursed to always end up in the worst possible situations!" Magma-Man shouts. Liberty Prime hears this and turns his head around and stares at Magma-Man. "Uh Oh." "Call of Duty fanboy detected. Exterminating!" The three CoD supporters along with 900bv and DeadRaiser attempt to get out of the way of Liberty Prime's nuclear missiles in time. I.W.F.T.W., 900bv, and Conquerer end up trapped behind rubble, separating them from Magma-Man and DeadRaiser. Magma-Man and DeadRaiser run behind cover. "Shadowshot!" Magma-Man exclaims as he bumps into Shadowshot along with several other CoD Wiki survivers. "Good to see you, old friend!" Magma-Man greets. "Not good to be here though, that damn robot has been chasing us all day." N7 chimes in. "We've got to split up. Confuse it. 900bv, Conquerer, and I.W.F.T.W. are already in a seperate group. I suggest we do the same. Shadowshot, come with me and DeadRaiser. N7, Damac, Sgt. S.S., you all stick together. Keep moving and keep confusing it. I have an idea on what to do with it."

Throughout the chapter players are kept in constant fear of being noticed by Liberty Prime. When he notices you, he will relentlessly follow you until he spots another group. Just like in Fallout 3, he is invincible, has lasers that shoot from his eyes, and can lob mini-nukes at his enemies. As the level progresses, the Wiki deteriorates more and more, showing the damage being done to Wikia by the fanboys. After much navigating and pants soiling, the players will get close up to Prime. Here they will be challenged to get up close enough to touch Prime. After doing this Magma-Man will get into Prime's wiring and remove the fanboy's corrupted files from his system, resetting him to be hostile to Battlefield fanboys. "Awesome. Just awesome." Conquerer says as Liberty Prime asks Magma-Man for orders. "I think we've found a way to take our Wiki back." says N7.

Chapter IX - Charge of the Idiot Brigaide

  • Location: Halo Wiki, Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki, and Call of Duty Wiki
  • Characters: Magma-Man, Sgt. S.S., 900bv

No more running. It is time to fight back. No matter what the cost, the fanboys must be stopped. Even if it means returning to the Call of Duty Wiki.


n7 plz

With Liberty Prime behind them, the nine Call of Duty Wikians travel to the remains of the Halo Wiki. They get to the Warthog article and prepare to get in the cars. "No! Not the Halo: Reach one!" Magma-Man shouts at N7 as he gets in a Halo: Reach Warthog. "Why not!?" "Because Halo: Reach's physics will make you spiral out of control if you hit a pebble! Get in the Halo 3 warthog!" Magma-Man shouts back. "Okay." N7 mutters. They all pile into the Warthogs. One of them gets loaded up with Magma-Man as the driver, 900bv with shotgun, and Sgt. S.S. on the turret. "Man, I have got to get me one of these!" S.S. comments, enjoying himself with the massive turret he now commanded. Magma-Man then turns on the most unfitting and irrevilent music he can find on the radio and they start to travel back to the Wiki.

At first, no enemies attack them. As they move through the Halo Wiki the level falls apart around the players, presenting all challenge to the drivers while the Wikians get to enjoy the scenery. After they make it through the Halo Wiki, things start to get bad. They get dangerously close to Nazi Zombies Plus, and they end up with hundreds of zombies sprinting at them and Terrorantulas jumping at them. Liberty Prime is seen in the background lobing mini nukes at groups of zombies. "Death is a preferable outcome, to fanboyism." Liberty Prime announces.

Soon, the hack bots join the fray as well. The players will have over a hundred npcs raining down on them at a time, requiring the gunners to not miss a single shot and the drivers to do all they can to avoid the enemies and large black holes created by the deteriorating Wikia. This section last for about 20 minutes before they reach the Call of Duty Wiki. Once this happens the three cars accidently split up and go their own path. It ends here.

Chapter X - One Shall Stand...

  • Location: Call of Duty Wiki
  • Characters: Magma-Man, Sgt. S.S., 900bv
  • Boss: XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX

This is it. The fate of Wikia now rests in your hands. Destroy XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX, at all costs.

Our three heroes drive through the ruins of the Call of Duty Wiki, when the Warthog, being a Halo vehicle, hits a rock and spirals out of control, dropping the three CoD players in the center of a large, open, and empty area. "Good going, Mags..." 900bv says angrily. Then, suddenly, a huge robot arm erupts from the ground, and grabs hold of a nearby tower. "Woah!" Sgt. S.S. yells. Another arm then rises out from the ground and grabs a hold of another tower. The arms then pull up the full front torso of a massive robot, which leans it's head down to the heroes and screeches a mechanical screech. "Hah! I figured at least one of you shit heads would come crawling back!" laughs XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX. "I'll enjoy smashing the life force from your puny, pathetic, avatars! Feel free to run for your lives, it won't do you any good!" "We will not back down, XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX!" Magma-Man sternly announces. "One of us isn't walking out of this alive! This is where it ends! One shall stand... One shall fall!" Sgt. S.S. then snickers. "A Transformers quote? Really, Mags?" "Just shut up and concentrate on not getting killed!" Magma-Man yells as XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX gets ready to attack.

BOSS BATTLE: XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX

The fanboy leader's attacks include barfing up tons of grenades to bombard the players, pounding a fist to the ground to create a massive shockwave hurting and stunning all players touching the ground, shooting laser beams from it's eyes, shooting homing missiles from it's arms, and making a loud mechanical screech which stuns all players.

"The ads! They are making him too powerful!" Sgt. S.S. shouts. "That must be why Wikia has been falling apart! These idiots don't know that Wikia needs the ads to sustain itself!" 900bv shouts. "There has to be away to destroy the advertisements!" Magma-Man shouts back. Suddenly, a message is transmitted to them. "Hey, it's N7! So i herd u cud use sum halp?" The players are then informed that a Predator missile is armed and ready. The players must then bomb all five advertisements powering the massive machine. It takes 120 seconds for each predator missile to be ready to fire. Once the advertisements are destroyed, the robot's armor will be weak enough to hurt with regular weapons. "Everyone! Shoot the head!" 900bv shouts. After doing this enough (It takes quite a bit) the boss will be defeated, and the game won.

"NO! NO NO NO! THIS ISN'T OVER FAGGOTS! I STILL HAVE MY 1337 HACKS! YOU CAN'T KILL ME!" the fanboy leader shouts. Then, the storage compartment where he keeps his corruption arrows breaks open and he gets about 6 of them punctured through his knee. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" he screeches in agony as his body is broken apart and dissolved. The robot, driverless, flops to the ground at Magma-Man's feet.


"We did it! We won!" Sgt. S.S. shouts, pumping his fists into the air. "No, we haven't." 900bv states. "What do you mean? The fanboys' head is gone! Just like a chicken, the rest of the body should stop functioning soon." Sgt. S.S. states. "Yes, but the damage done to Wikia is catastrophic. It will take years to repair. And Daniel Smith is still out there, in control of both my Wiki's armies and the hack-bots. Until he is destroyed, Wikia will not be safe." Magma-Man then contacts N7. "Ready up the Wiki's defenses, call all surviving Call of Duty Wikians back. Tell them to get ready for a fight. This isn't over yet."


<--- Please listen to this while you read! :3
  • Game Director - Magma-Man
  • Story Writer - Magma-Man
  • Level Designer - Magma-Man
  • Everything Else Designer - Magma-Man
  • The Creator of Call of Duty - Infinity Ward
  • The Creator of Pudding - Puffy Fluffy Man Girl Guy Thing
  • Inspiration - Wikia, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Call of Duty, the Battlefield/Call of Duty war, Fallout, Halo, Ghostbusters, the Arrow to the knee meme, the Nazi Zombies Plus cold war, everyone on the Call of Duty Wiki, and several other things.
  • Music - Jon CJG's Arby n the Chief soundtrack for Season 5, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Homefront, Halo 2, Spongebob: Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, Spongebob Squarepants Movie Game, and CollegeHumor are all credited for the music provided in the blog.
  • Assistance - The Emporer
  • Motivators - Sgt. S.S., Raven's Wing, Conquerer of all Zombies, Callofdutyeditor2011, Redskin-26, EternalBlaze, and more
  • Thanks to all who read the blog, thanks to the Call of Duty Wiki's administration team for keeping this wiki great, and thanks to you all for being such a great community! I realize this took six months to release. Thanks for being patient!

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