Rated S for Stupidz

"I don't know how you got back in here, Codkid, but you are leaving. Now." It shows a Battlefield Wiki administrator aiming a weapon at XxXca11ofd00dyissux0rbfftwimso1337lolXxX's head. "No." The fanboy replies. "Leave now and I won't inform Wikia staff you made your account when you were twelve, which is against Wikia policy." The admin then says as other Battlefield Wiki users line up behind him. "Orly?" The fanboy leader says as all the vehicles the other Battlefield Wikians drove in blow up. "What the fu-" "You are relieved of your duties commander faggot!" The admin turns around to see what happened then gets grabbed, stabbed through the head with a corruption arrow, then is kicked to the ground. "We have some cleaning up to do."

The scene then switches to N7 pushing rubble off of himself as Damac and Shadowshot join him. They look on at the destroyed CoD Wiki as Battlefield jets fly over them.

Next you are shown the Battlefield fanboys tearing the Battlefield Wiki apart, one of the fanboys is using his special ability to throw unlimited semtex's for a short time, bombarding the Battlefield Wikians. "THE TIME OF FAGGOTRY IS OVER! CALL OF DUTY NEEDS TO BE INSULTED, AND YOU DUMBASSES ARE GOING TO PAY FOR KICKING ME OUT!"

Next you are shown N7 and the other two survivors flying the jets and dog fighting the fanboys.

Next you are shown the fanboys stabbing another Battlefield Wikian through the knee with a corruption arrow.

And finally you are shown Liberty Prime charging his laser beamz and looking directly at Damac.


Thoughts? Basically two new campaign levels.

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