While the music plays viewers get to see Call of Duty Wiki over-run with hack-bots as Magma-Man and two others get into Gunships and take a three story tall robot head on, it then shows Battlefield fanboys fending off the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, then cuts to Libertry Prime firing laser beamz at Magma-Man and company, then multiplayer gameplay as a player uses a sword to impale another player then does a super jump onto a building nearby only to impale another player and then get gunned down by an enemy player with a troll face mask, screens show customization options of multiplayer including costume design and special abilities/weapons, "The true Wikia Warfare experience!" - Magma-Man, cuts to escalation mode gameplay as the fanboys fend off hordes of Nazi Zombies sicked on them by 900bv over at Nazi Zombies Plus, ":P" - Raven's Wing, cuts to the player sliding down sky line thingys like in Bioshock Infinite and using a shotgun to blow away an enemy player wearing a rainbow dash costume that is going the other way. "GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN HIPPIES!" - random player enjoying his first flamethrower. Shows more campaign where Magma-Man and two others are riding in warthogs with hundreds of Nazi Zombies and various fanon creations such as terrorantulas from NZP follow them. "Who the hell are you? Get the fuck out!" - Random old lady from across the street.

Song ends and the title of the game, Call of Wikia II: War for Wikia, is shown, and you are told to prepare for the fight. A date is then displayed. 4/12/12

What y'all think of mah mad advertizin skillz?

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