Call of Wikia II War for Wikia Teaser Trailer00:57

Call of Wikia II War for Wikia Teaser Trailer

Call of Wikia II: War for Wikia will continue the story of the Call of Duty Wiki, but once again, all of Wikia shall be threatened by a group of Battlefield fanboys who have gotten their hands on some "1337 hacks" and have taken over all of Wikia. Now, Magma-Man and his fellow Wikians must make a stand and save a corrupting and decaying Wikia from the fanboys in two unique campaigns, one that follows the Battlefield fanboy's efforts to obtain the legendary 1337 hacks and replace the Wikia staff, and one that follows the Call of Duty Wiki users in their efforts to defeat the fanboys and bring Wikia back to it's former glory. Also there shall be Escalation mode, where three players can face off against the Battlefield or Call of Duty forces in wave after wave of enemies, and a new refined multiplayer containing 12 maps and more customization then ever before seen in a Call of Duty rip-off. Stay tuned!

If you are unfamiliar with Call of Wikia, see this, and remember I have nothing against Battlefield fans or bronies (Well, Battlefield fanboys I have a problem with) and this is purely for fun!

Also, if you want to ensure you have a part in the game (I'll try to get everyone, but there will be people I'll forget) or don't want to be in it, tell me in the comments!

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