Call of Wikia 2 shall be delayed for quite a while, and I shall be very inactive. School stuff. My online school lets me complete stuff at my own pace, but there are dead lines, and I've over-done the breaks, and have a week and a half left to get caught up. Until then, I have a new idea I'd like to share with y'all.

World of Wikia: Genesis

A stand-alone addition to the Wikia thingy-mah-bobbers, this would take place in a seperate universe from the (hopefully) funny blogs involving the Call of Duty rip-off games, and would actually be a serious and action-filled story, in the form of a novel or movie script. Here is the idea I have for a plot.

At first, there is nothing, and then, there... well... is something... a white humanoid figure without any features is created. It doesn't know who it is, where it is, or what it's purpose is. Then, tons of information is downloaded into it's memory. Everything that my account, Magma-Man, has done on the Wiki. It now knows where it is and who it is. He is Magma-Man. The avatar is applied and the body is covered with spartan armor. It is a new sentient entity with a personality based off of my actions on Wikia. He then discovers that the area he is in can be anything he wants, and later finds it's called his user page. He leaves it and finds... WIKIA! He is in the Call of Duty Wiki, and he sees as tons of newly born accounts wander around the many tall building and storage areas housing the articles, everything is white with a black and green secondary, except for the colorful avatars of the accounts managing it. Magma-Man lives a happy life, until he, along with many other users, start to question their true purpose. Particularly, why is it that underneath their avatars, they are faceless monsters. They don't know why they exist. Magma-Man, along with friends Daniel Smith, 900bv, and Ebon Shadowshot, intend to find out. But time is short, as a virus begins to spread throughout wikia. This force corrupts users into becoming soldiers fighting for the virus and also corrupts all matter in the world. Magma-Man has very little time to find his true purpose, his true face, if he wants any chance of saving Wikia.

The story ends up having alot of action. As Magma-Man continues to prove himself to be a great worrier, the Virus creator, an account named Abraxas, takes notice and send his most deadly virus corrupted Wikian soldier after me, and she basically stalks me and my friends continuously attacking whenever we slow down. Daniel Smith is killed off quickly, and DeadRaiser saves my life, there are alot of action scenes, explanations for why Wikia has become a physical place with accounts that have minds for themselves, and the virus creator, Abraxas's motivations even have a direct link to what caused the Users to dissapear.

Overall, I'm not going to reveal every plot detail, but I felt like sharing because it is what I believe to be one of my most impressive plot ideas I have ever created, and I've been making stories since I was 4. What do you all think of the idea? (those of you that bothered to read it all anyway)

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