Since Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare got alot more attention then expected, I'm making more! First of all, the Title Update will be made shortly, adding in more multiplayer factions, details on more levels, and more details on the factions.

Also, I'm expanding Call of Wikia further, with more games and also dlcs for Call of Wikia 1.

Call of Wikia Sequels

Are are very brief summarys of the plots.

Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare

The first Call of Wikia game, telling the story of the brony invasion and Magma-Man's attempts to stop it.

Call of Wikia: Corruption

Data based locked: $1

A group of BF3 fanboys hack Wikia, removing the staff's access and they start screwing up the coding to try and remove all Call of Duty related things on Wikia. They are idiots who don't know what they are doing and start to cause Wikia to fall apart, and must be stopped.

Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare 2

Our tyranical overlords The Wikia staff introduces a new feature to the world of Wikia, making blogs come to life just like articles. This causes all of the bronies to return, because Magma-Man was stupid enough to make a blog about the events. Now the bronies must be stopped once again!

Call of the Bronies: All Will Submit

An add-on for Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare will add in five extra levels. Now, Magma-Man looses against Smuff in the final battle and is turned brony. Now the player must go through five levels where you must spread the bronyism and complete Smuff's plan, eventually taking over the ultimate goal... Google...

So there you are! More Call of Wikia for everyone! I'm glad you are all enjoying it!

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