Call of Duty 9 has been revealed, and it turns out those leaked posters were real, so it is, in fact, Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

I have many things to say.

Black Ops II

Now, I said when MW3 came out that, that in my eyes, it was the final part to the series. It was the best CoD multiplayer I had ever played, and it's campaign was a great finisher as well. I said that it would take something really special to convince me to accept any CoD games after that...

Treyarch did just that. Black Ops II looks AWESOME.

I really wasn't expecting "Future Warfare" to become a reality, and I'm really excited that they are taking the series in this new direction. I am going to accept CoD 9 with open arms and happily purchase it when it comes out! (Although Fall of Cybertron remains top priority)

What Next? (Call of Duty 10, 11, etc.)

Here is my question. Where is Call of Duty going to go now? What is CoD 10 going to be? How is it going to convince me to not ignore it? WWII? People would complain. Cold War? People would complain. Modern Warfare? The Modern Warfare story is FINISHED, it DOES NOT need to be expanded, and the multiplayer doesn't either. Future Warfare? It will have been done as well. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have now run themselves into a rut and I can't see how they are going to get out of it. There really isn't anything left for them to do that will get positive reactions from their huge world-wide audience. I'm thinking the series end may be nearing, and I honestly think it should end soon. Just not yet.

le questions

What are your thoughts on "Future Warfare"? Is it the refreshing change CoD needs, or has the series gone too far?

Where do you think Call of Duty is going to go from here?

What game do you currently anticipate the most?

Comment below, let me know!

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