In the past three years n-Space has really shown the world what the DS is capable of, and with their latest COD title, we have proof that you don't need all (but some) of the features of the console games to have terrific gameplay. In this review, I will briefly summarise different parts of the game and give you the pros and cons of them, too:


Black Ops DS features a suprisingly good campaign that actually has some-what of a storyline. Not all of it is run-n'-gun, but all of us have to hip-fire a PPsh-41 every now and then. For the majority of the game, you assume the role of Sgt. Micheal Shaw, and see locations like Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, and Afganistan.


  • 16 levels of portable warfare.
  • Levels vary in size and objective.
  • Friendlies that shoot enemies.


  • Story is quite boring at some points.


Black Ops DS offers a healthy balance of Cold War weapons for your use, ranging from handguns to rocket launchers. Certain weapons feature attachments.


  • 21 different weapons for use.
  • Attachments
  • Multiple sniper rifles.


  • n-Space hasn't abandoned the idea of one pistol per faction.
  • Attachments are not available for all weapons.
  • Not enough different types of shotguns.


Multiplayer has greatly improved over Mobilized, allowing for more customization of gameplay.


  • Enemy weapons can be picked up.
  • Perks!!!
  • You can switch your weapons after dying before you respawn.
  • Titles.


  • Annoying modifiers in quick-play matches.
  • No Create-a-class.
  • Weapons are limited by your faction (Again).


The DS now offers a Zombie mode, complete with power-ups, hell-hounds, and more!


  • Four maps
  • Support for a friend, local or Wi-Fi.
  • One-hit knife kills at any round.
  • Mystery Box


  • Zombies is much more difficult on the DS than on the consoles. This won't be a problem after a few play-throughs.
  • No Wunder-Weapons
  • No Perks
  • Wi-Fi Co-op support is for friends only.
  • Maps aren't that big.


Black Ops DS, allthough it has its flaws, is the best DS game I own. If you easily overlook the minor cons, or are looking for a great hand-held FPS, pick up Black Ops DS.

Feel-free to comment, complain, or leave questions, as long as they involve the DS game only, not the console game.

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