This will be the fourth Call of Duty for the DS, promising big changes in multiple areas of previous games. From resently released screen-shots, I can already tell that this game will take the DS to unknown limits.

Here's a list of features the game will include:

  • A 16-mission singleplayer campaign set during the Cold War.
  • An updated interface and control scheme.
  • An expansive arsenal of weapons.
  • 6-player local and Wi-Fi multiplayer, featuring a new Perk system.
  • Weapon attachments, including M203s, Red Dot Sights, and Silencers.
  • Co-op for 2 players, local and Wi-Fi.
  • A Zombie mode, local and Wi-Fi.
  • Arcade and Challenge Modes.
  • Vehicle-based missions.

If anyone else has any input, it would be nice to know.

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