Another CYW: An American Soldier fighting in Afganistan, 2007. I think from here on now, the choices will be limited to 3. Your choices are:

  • M4A1 -
    • Benefits: 3 fire modes (Full-Auto, 3 round burst, Semi), capable of adding attachments
    • Disadvantages: Jams easily
  • M249 SAW -
    • Benefits: Full-Auto fire, high ROF, quick barrel change system, capable of adding attachments
    • Disadvantages: Accuracy suffers when shooting while standing or kneeling, heavy, long reload
  • Scoped M14 -
    • Benefits: Accuracy is high, semi-auto fire, recoil is moderate
    • Disadvantages: Not ideal for CQB, not capable of adding attachments

I choose the M4A1 as my pick. Not too heavy and full-auto, small enough for CQB and attachment adding capibility. You have your choices, and you've seen mine. Now, pick

Loadedfinger emblem MW2 Maj.Gage Talk . 00:51, December 3, 2009 (UTC)

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