Another CYW featuring a British soldier during the Falklands War *my hat to all the Brits out there*. Here's your choices:

  • L1A1 SLR (FAL) -
    • Benefits: Accuracy is high, well reliability, semi-auto, 20-round magazine
    • Disadvantages: Recoil is moderate, semi-auto only (kinda obvious why)
  • L42A1 (essentialy Scoped Lee-Enfield chambered in 7.62 NATO) -
    • Benefits: Accuracy & range are high
    • Disadvantages: Slow ROF (Bolt-Action), short magazine capacity
  • L4 Bren (essentialy Bren chambered in 7.62 NATO) -
    • Benefits: High ROF, interchangable barrel system
    • Disadvantages: Low magazine capacity for machine-gun standards (30-round magazine), heavy weight

I pick the L1A1 SLR because of 3 main reasons: 7.62mm NATO, 20-round mag, and accuracy. 3 things a soldier can rely on. In my opinion, the (semi-auto) FAL is a soldiers best friend.

You have seen my choice, now make yours!

Loadedfinger emblem MW2 Maj.Gage Talk . 01:09, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

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