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Choose Your Weapon: German WWII Soldier

Maj.Gage November 26, 2009 User blog:Maj.Gage

OK, I am starting this new thing I'll do every Wednesdy, called "Choose Your Weapon". It will have different themes (such as different wars, standoffs, and missions). This week's theme is a German WWII soldier (obviously). You're fighting in 1943 Russia. Your weapons are:

  • Kar98k - Benefites: Accuracy is very good, range is good. Disadvantages: ROF suffers
  • MP40 - Benefites: High ROF, Deadly at CQB, accuracy is moderate, high magazine capacity. Disadvantages: Suffers in range.
  • Gewehr 43 - Benefites: Accuarcy is good, ROF is high, high magazine capacity, range is high. Disadvantages: Jams easily, heavier than Kar98k, not as accuarate as the Kar98k.
  • MG42 - Benefites: Very high ROF, easy inter-changable barrel system. Disadvantages: Very heavy, long reload.
  • Scoped Kar98k - Essentionally same stats as Kar98k; Range and accuracy increase, reload time decreases.

OK, you have your choices. PICK! And submit your choice in the comment section! And wait next Wednesday for the next CYW.

</small></sup></font> . 05:10, November 26, 2009 (UTC)

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