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Choose Your Weapon: US Airbourne Soldier, WWII, 1944

Maj.Gage December 17, 2009 User blog:Maj.Gage

Sorry guys, I was a little busy yesterday. I promise everything will go back to normal. OK, you are a US Airbourne soldier (101st Screaming Eagles or 82nd, doesn't matter) in D-Day. Your weapons are:

  • M1A1 Carbine (the one with the folding stock) -
    • Benefits: Excellent accuracy, excellent handeling/manueverability, semi-auto 15 magazine
    • Disadvantages: Lack of stopping power & range from the .30 carbine round
  • M3 Grease Gun -
    • Benefits: Full auto, good stopping power from .45 ACP round, excellent handeling/manueverability, high ROF
    • Disadvantages: Range is limited
  • M1 Garand -
    • Benefits: Excellent accuracy, stopping power & range, semi auto
    • Disadvantages: Only 8 rounds capacity, a loud "ping" sound alerts the enemy that you are out of ammo

OK, the M3 Grease Gun is a good gun, but I don't pick it because of the low range. I don't pick the M1 Garand because the loud "ping" and only 8 rounds, other than that its a good gun. I pick the M1 Carbine because the manueverability, accuracy, and the magazine capacity.

You saw my decision, so I want to know yours.

Loadedfinger emblem MW2 Maj.Gage Talk . 20:25, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

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