OK, repost. This time, be realistic (no heartbeat sensors). Pick a primary weapon (anthing except pistols and launchers) and a secondary weapon (which has to be a pistol). Your primary & secondary weapon can have up to 3 attachments. FMJ IS ALREADY A FIXED OPTION (that doesn't take up an option). If you choose a sniper rifle, you have the option of having a sub-machine gun for a secondary.

  • FAMAS G1 w/ Red Dot Sight + Extended Magazines + (if this even excists) Lazer Targeting Module (like the one in Exodus)
  • USP .45
  • G36C w/ Red Dot Sight + Silencer + AG36 Grenade Launcher
  • M9 w/ Silencer
  • Sako TRG w/ Silencer + Cheytac ballistic computer (side mounted similar to the Heartbeat Sensor) + Range Finder
  • P90 w/ ACOG + Silencer

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