Well, my first post (not much of a blogger). I believe I'll post here whenever I read new gun news, war news, CoD news, and other info that involves guns, war, and CoD.

I'll start off about this week's poll. I really have 2 answers for favorite bolt-action rifle. First off, as a sniper rifle, the Springfield has my vote. As a battle rifle, I chose the MAS 36. For any BRO players out there, this has my vote hands down (with it's good accuracy, ROF, and bolt design). Following behind the Mas 36, there's the Lee-Enfield. I mean really, you can't beat a British .303 (with the bolt design and ROF and magazine capacity). I believe the Carcano M38 in my opinion, is plan horrible. Accuracy sucks, and really isn't practicle.

So tell me other users, what's your favorite bolt action?

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