Man, been a while since my last post. As some may know I launched something new, called GAGE-FM. I got the idea from CHIA-FM, but has an entirly new music. Check it out if you can. I also made "Maj.Gage's Random Videos", but Callofduty4 deleted the page (ugh, half on hour scrowling around Youtube wasted). Cool news, my dad has a Soviet ushanka and coat (basically Reznov's uniform). It was given to him some-years back by his friend (IDK the date when). I think I could get it for my birthday (Nov. 14, 9 more days). As almost all of you know, MW2 comes out in less than a weak. Awesome. The reason why you see all the leaked vids is that you can actually download it off the internet, but IW will have your Xbox, PS3, or PC banned from playing the entire system!

I figured out how to make a 10-pump BB gun...into a shotgun. Don't believe me? Well I need at least 5 comments (from different users) asking how to make it until I reveal it to the world. ;)

Ok, now for the...I don't know what to call it. Tell me what it should be called in the comment section.

Now for the real one, what is your favorite 9mm pistol??? Mine is the M9 or Browning Hi-Power. Ok, later.

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