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Maj.Gage March 21, 2010 User blog:Maj.Gage

OK, you all probably watch defendthehouse (MW2 Mythbusters) on Youtube but if you want to see me test a myth, test, experiment, post the above three here. In some tests I will actually apply the scientific method.

I've already got a few ready to test.

  • Comparing damage statistcs of FAMAS, M93 Raffica, & M16. Will compare with Stopping Power and Silencer as well.
  • M16 "Phantom headshots"
  • The longer the range, the more damage (will test assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, LMGs, machine pistols, & sniper rifles).
  • You can take out a UAV, Harrier, Attack Helicopter, Pave Low, & Chopper Gunner with a mounted Minigun.
  • You can take out a Harrier with a Frag grenade or Semtex.
  • USP .45 has more range than the M9.

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