I have decided to make a PMG contest (like Darthkenobi0 & EightOhEight). The details:

The Russian Armed Forces (me) are looking for a new combat rifle to meet the needs of modern warfare and replace the current issue AK-74 and it's varients. Here are the needs of that the Russian Military requests in the rifle:

  • Rails for optics, electronics, grenade launchers, etc.
  • To fit the needs of close quarters and long-range fighting.
  • The same Kalashnikov action from previous rifles.
  • Capable of firing in extreme tempatures and enviorments.
  • Must be ergonomic.

OK, the rifle can be made the .06 or .07 version of Pimp My Gun. The winner of the contest will receive a userbox to their specifications. The contest ends on July 10th. Happy designing!

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