Please click here to understand what I am talking about. I believe the US Armed Forces will stop giving the M4 to troops in 2010. The main replacments are the XM8, SCAR, and HK 416. Others would probably be the ACR and the M468. OK, let me say this first; in my opinion, I hate the XM8. It looks impractical and the plastic in it melts and fouls up the systems after 500 rounds. The SCAR, not to bad I guess. The HK 416, the best. The system is the same as the M4 (resulting in no retraining), and is extremly reliable. Delta Force replaced all of its M4s in 2004 with the HK 416 and had very strong, optimistic opinions of this gun. OK so what's your opinion:

XM8, SCAR, or HK 416 as new service rifle?

Oh, and my birthday is tomorrow. Goodbye childhood, hello adolesence...

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