OK, you're in General Shepherd's position. You get to pick what guns and vehicles your army would get. Simple. * Indicates standard issue and ** indicates limited issue. Also, the size of your army can also be controlled (be realistic though). Mine is a joint-army force that works alongside NATO (because I'm Shepherd).


Assault Rifles/Battle Rifles

  • FAMAS*
  • HK416*
  • Remington ACR*
  • Ruger Mini-14** (Border Control only)
  • HK417** (Border Control only)
  • FN SCAR** (both varients)

Sub-Machine Guns/PDWs

  • Beretta M12 (Spec Ops only)
  • TDI Vector Kriss (Spec Ops only)
  • FN P90 (vehicle crews only)


  • Negev LMG*
  • M249 SAW*
  • M240B*
  • M2 Browning Machine Gun*
  • M60E4 (helicopter mounted only)

Sniper Rifles

  • M21 EBR w/ Sagebrush Stock (Designated Marksmen's rifle)
  • Sako TRG 42 (regular sniper rifle)
  • Barrett M107 (anti-mateial rifle)


  • USP.45*
  • M9*
  • SIG P210**


  • AT4
  • M203
  • Milkor MLG
  • Metal Storm 3GL (limited)
  • FGM-148 Javelin
  • Carl Gustav recoilless rifle


  • M1014
  • Mossberg 500
  • Remington 870


HMMWV (capable of fitting all available equiment) M113 armored personnel carrier Stryker TPz Fuchs

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