Maj. Blackout

aka Jason Halloway

  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is Combat-Medic-To-Be
  • I am Dinosaur
  • Maj. Blackout

    ive jst hd enuf of tis crp ive sene abt ten of dis same exct grematicl errir n the pst 20 mins

    "Just because you X doesn't mean you should Y."

    do u c nything i c lts so let bgin

    der shud b a cmma aftr X bcuz der is a pawz or brake for efict in da sntns plz note dat dat assmpshin is


    i cnt stris dis enuf

    da propr yoosij of cmma fr dis particlr situwayshin is as follows a comma plus da crrct spell

    "jst bcuz u x, dosnt mene u shud y"

    da cmma is nesasary at dis mment da pawz fr efict is plced in da sntns bcuz its ther nd shud b red liek dat for da prson reedin it

    plz tayk in cnsiderashin my intelljens wen it coms to usng cmmas they r da eziast ting to gt rite ecspt appstrofes. *shddrs* BlackoutI'm back! 18:11, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Maj. Blackout

    Well- as some of my old friends on the wiki may know, I was on vacation in Lebanon for a while, but now, I'M BACK WOOOOOOOOO

    I need to address a few things though, a bit of disappointment I have to say.

    I noticed a lot of commotion over the "brony" issues. I know one person, be it a brony or non, cannot do anything to change it. That would be the decisions of the community. A number of our users, new and seasoned, have been effected by this new fad, and, while there is nothing wrong with liking the show, this damn wiki is starting to look like memebase or some /b/ thread on 4chan. Blog posts are becoming pathetic, any type of contradiction is met with a "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE ETC." macro, and any type of hate towards this fad is met by "STUP…

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  • Maj. Blackout

    PSN is LIVE!!

    May 15, 2011 by Maj. Blackout

    Well PS3 users, all I can say is PSN is back up again. For more, see:

    And this


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  • Maj. Blackout

    Well, we all know with the CotD trailer up that a few things are going down, OH-Is that a KS-23 on the wall I see at 3:31?! Watch and find out!

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