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ive jst hd enuf of tis crp ive sene abt ten of dis same exct grematicl errir n the pst 20 mins

"Just because you X doesn't mean you should Y."

do u c nything i c lts so let bgin

der shud b a cmma aftr X bcuz der is a pawz or brake for efict in da sntns plz note dat dat assmpshin is


i cnt stris dis enuf

da propr yoosij of cmma fr dis particlr situwayshin is as follows a comma plus da crrct spell

"jst bcuz u x, dosnt mene u shud y"

da cmma is nesasary at dis mment da pawz fr efict is plced in da sntns bcuz its ther nd shud b red liek dat for da prson reedin it

plz tayk in cnsiderashin my intelljens wen it coms to usng cmmas they r da eziast ting to gt rite ecspt appstrofes. *shddrs* BlackoutI'm back!Medal, Six Month Good Conduct 18:11, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

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