I'm just making this so I can share some of the most effective ways for killing boosters.

As you may know, Infinity Ward lets people boost for nukes and headshots, and left everyone else deal with it.

Hear are some of the ways for spotting boosters:

  1. Watch the kill feed and leaderboards! Usually when you see the guy at the top with 15 kills and no deaths, and his friend with with no kills and 15 deaths, this usually means their boosting.
  2. Spectate! Before you choose your class, press the back button twice and scan the player to see who has a tactical insertion, make sure their are 2 people with similar set-ups, and you'll ususally catch them in the act.
  3. Gamertags, PSN IDs and Clan Tags. Boosters tend to be stupid people, so they will get their friend to put their Clan Tag as the same thing, same goes for Gamertags.
  4. Sound is a wonderful thing! Listen for microphones, they will usually scream, cry, whine and call you a faggot when you kill them, or they may trying to communicate, this works to your atvantage. Also listen for constant knifes and headshots, and the dreaded Tactical Insertion sound, it sounds like a fat man doing up his zipper.

Effective ways for killing boosters:

  1. Get a good class. A light weapon, such as a SMG, or an Assult Rifle should do good. Cold Blooded so their Air Support doesn't kill you. Marathon to get to their little nook far away from the rest of us, and Ninja, so they can't hear you coming, and their heartbeat sensors. Along with an AT-4 or an RPG would help you take themout with ease.
  1. WAIT! When you get to their litte place, wait until the boosters get 6 kills, then kill them both. This will mean that they cannot get a nuke, nor get their harriers.
  1. You gotta shoot em' in the head! Aim for the head, this will kill them easily, and you can complete challenges, while looking like a douche.
  1. Camp near their spot. Place down claymores in the spot, then wait for them to come sprinting back for you. As I have mentioned above, they are usually stupid, so they will come right back after you own them.

I will mabey add more things to the guide later on, but for now hear are some great booster hunters.


Sandy Ravage


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