O.K. I know I`m young, but I really want to be Navy Seal when Im older, to day I did 45 push-ups and I feel great. But the problem is that I dont know how to train for combat missions, I have the mental ability to Over think my opponent, and I am a very quiet, Huge person. I am currently 12 years of age, but I have the body of a 16 year old, this gives me alot of time. My doctor says that I am very healthy. But I also want to ask Greiver about what standard military training is like. And here some of your guyes ways of becoming a living tank. My goal is to be able to withstand a 7.62x39mm to the waist. Real combat shit. No Iraq for is fucker. I want some fuckin Afghanistan. Crazy mothafuckas with towels on their head, running around with AKs firing round after round, aiming for my head. And no, I did not get this idea from CoD. The biggest accomplisments to me at the moment, would be:

  1. Become a United State Navy SeAL operator.
  1. Be able to run 10 miles a day, wich equals out to 22km a day.
  1. To fix my fucking spelling, jesus fuckin mary, I spelled STREINGH wrong, to be strong in the mind muthafucka!

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