I was just thinking of making a CoD clan: An0i I was thinking of this becuase what clan members could do is constantly annoy players. I find this would be fun. Like a whole team running around with riot sheids. It wont matter where your from. America, Canada and Mexico and Central and South America, I always have a good connection. Eroupean and Asian countries, I think I could get a good one. Personallly I live in Canada, and I really want to meet people from the world. I will give you my PSN: AssassinNinja457. Just send me a friend request and you will be in. Anyone. No matter what your reputaion is on the wiki, and no matter where your from, just got to have a sense of humor. What we could do all knife and only use grenade launchers. just fun. no sierious gameplay. We could all go for the nuke the whole time. To North Americans: I will be on at around 4:45 pm, eastern time. I have a couple of my friends that would be happy to join. Just leave your name in the comments, and any questions, i will be happy to answer.

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