I would like to know what you're guy's Top 5 games are! Mine are 5. Fallout 3, 4. Halo 3, 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, 2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

I chose Fallout 3 becuase of of it's huge world and DLC packs, the post-acopalyptic setting, the sheer amount of guns and creatures, the story, gameplay and the ways you go through the story. So far I've completed the good side of the story and I am now half-way through broken steel. But the graphics aren't the best, they very good, although the textures could use some touching up. The fear of walking into somewhere in wich you've never been before is AWSOME!

Halo 3 is number 4 I played this alot and enjoyed it alot as well, when I first got Halo 3 was the Christmas of 2008. So I completed the story and made some maps in Forge Mode. Forge was my favourite feature of Halo 3, I was using it until I ran out of space on my hard drive. Multiplayer was very fun for me becuase I like big team games, playing CTF and assult was one of the best expieriences (I love smashing people in the face with a spear) of Halo 3. Although it was fun, it was hard to rank up and I got to only a Lieutenant during my whole year of playing it. The rank system could use something different but was fun.

GTA: SA becuase just was fun, never completed the story, but loved the cheats. I had it on PS2 had was the funnest Free-Roam game I ever played. Just the graphics could be better but was awsome.

I obiously chose CoD 4 because, of well, it was one of the best games of all time. On Xbox I was 8th prestige, level 55. Best time of my life was playing CoD 4. Flat-Out awsome. It sold over 7 million copies, and I can see why. The story was great, but it shines in the multiplayer. I loved the rank system becuase it was so fair. You get 5Xp for a kill and 10Xp in TDM, and comleting challenges was the best part. Getting golden camo for every class of gun was the most rewarding thing ever and desevers to be called one of the best video games of all time.

Then we come to number 1. Modern Warfare 2. I chose this game becuase of addicting it is. Their is alot of glitches and yes it should have had a beta test too the public, but you have to agree, you bought this game and played it for at least 10 days. IW will even tell how much time you've played. I am still playing today and will keep doing so until I get to 10th prestige legititmatly (aka fuck cheaters), and am Half-Way their. The cheaters preatty much ruiend the multiplayer for half the time it has been out. Notice to all people thinking of cheating: Don't cheat, like getting to 10th Prestige buy paying a hacker. Why? Everyone knows you cheated, so why act like you didn't. You will ruin the game. Stop cheating. If you are 10th prestige legit, you deserve to be called some of the best. But I love all the guns, only a couple piss me off, but it's not the guns, it's the classes, some of the classes have no origanallyity to them and are just plain gay. The marathon, lightwieght, commandois getting boring, because I can gear their footsteps from 3 kiles away. The lack of dedicated servers were a let down but was still fun. I loved the adition of the Nuke.

Any way I hope you read all of my non-sense, thank you. Let me know your top 5 games!

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