OK, look. I have been usin the Georgian Calender since I was born, and still use it today. But when I became a Athiest back 3 years ago, I didn't think about time very much. Now I was thinking, that BC stands for Before Christ, then the world must think we 2010 years old, but BC means before christ, and now I'm really confuzzled

  1. Shouldn't we have a calender that says we are at around 4.5 billion, 2010? Found this pretty fucked up, I thought the earth was being smashed by space rocks, turned into a giant fucking volcano, and had the time to make life, get it's self together, and have Humans evolve! You tell me all this happened in 2000 years! Well I don't know if were on fast-forward, but I do think this would take around, Hmmmm, 4.5 billion years. And you have to remember, all this stuff we have found from around 10,000 years ago, well than WTF? The church tells me to forget about dinosaurs, the Myans and Aztecs, ancient African civilizations, the oldest on the planet. Why would the church tell me this: Because, 1. None of them have a degree in anything, so why the fuck belive them. And 2. They have billion people following them, and when some old geezer tells a billion people (who happend to be in the Hitler Youth) that Jesus is the way. Sorry, fuck you, up yours, blow me. I'm athiest, I ain't belivin their bullshit for 2 seconds!
  2. We have every civilization has a different calender, the Chinese think it's 4647, the Muslims think it's 1431, and the Japanese insist it's 1633! I think we need to get our shit together, and have one calender called The Calender. Very simple.
  3. Our time peiriod is very fucked up, a The Chinese have a year thats around 12 days in Febuary. Well isn't the defonation of a year like a whole Solar Cycle for earth, to go around the sun. How can that be done in 12 days?

OK, now I have a way to fix this, use the Zodiac, easy, simple way to navagate the time. People have been using it for 10's of Thousand of years. Or we just say fuck it and kill each other over time, in which we have been doin for a long time.

What do you guys think?

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